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December 2, 2008

Capitalize on Compelling Info Product Creation

Lately I've been sharing strategies at Group Mastery encouraging and even, inciting the community of learners to create compelling info products.  In the process, I've reflected on my own experiences and interesting insights have surfaced in my mind.

First, what makes an info product compelling? By definition, compelling means irresistible, enticing and tempting.  You want your product to call forth feelings of attraction, hope and promise.  Build your content around your client to ensure your product is specifically attractive, enticing and truly irresistible to her. Steer clear of trying to appeal to the masses.

Secondly, how do you create a compelling information product from your group coaching program? Organize your program into how-to steps, key strategies or a detailed process.  Challenge your learners to implement these juicy tips with built-in accountability.  The fun begins when you create workbooks, audio programs, ebooks and more to support their learning.  It's very kewl!

Finally, how do you truly capitalize on the compelling product you create? You capitalize on your awesomely irresistible product creation by giving your client opportunities to experience your product firsthand.

  • Offer excerpts of audios as list-building tools.
  • Invite your client to assess their current situation using your workbook.
  • Present your info product in sensory terms for the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner.
  • Look for ways to call forth feelings of attraction, hope and promise.

Remember, your product is THE resource you use to shape the experience of your client.  This is how you ultimately capitalize on the compelling info product you create.

What's your compelling info product?

What will you do to capitalize on the compelling product you create?

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