June 22, 2011

Sales doesn't have to be scary

carolyn_herfurthA few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting, Carolyn Herfurth, The Sales Confidence Mentor.  Our very first chat and subsequent conversations have been highly energetic and purposeful because this lady knows her stuff!  Her successful sales career spans more than 22 years and 6 figure income.  Carolyn is also one of the experts for the Certified Group Coach program specifically in Sales and I'm delighted to share her expertise with you so you can see firsthand just what I mean:

You're invited to:  Insider Secrets to Confident Sales Conversations That Close. More details

In this meaty session you'll learn that sales doesn't have to be scary because Carolyn will tell you:

  • The rejection prevention plan that consistently converts qualified prospects into paying clients…and with less stress.
  • Action-inspiring secrets that come from conveying your compelling message to your ideal prospects…all without being pushy.
  • Foolproof closing steps that come from meaningful, authentic sales conversations.
  • And objections dissolvers that allow you to proactively build trust and close sales.

You will not want to miss this free call on Thursday, June 23rd. I'm already registered! Register here.  You'll be glad you did!

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February 8, 2010

Get Intentional About Group Enrollment

enrollmentAs a coach interested in getting more learners to enroll in your group programs, you MUST have an intentional closing strategy.  That's my challenge to you!

Why? In doing so, you're ready for the objections that may arise and more importantly, you know when to ask your learners to enroll. Important, right?!

How do you get intentional about converting?  It's all about closing!

Here are two perspectives to ease you into the closing process:

Get an intentional mindset.
Know what you believe is possible from the connection with your potential learners. Your beliefs affect every aspect of your closing. Be sure you truly believe closing the sale is possible. Yes, I used the dreaded "s" word. If you're in business, you're a salesperson. If you're working to fill your group coaching programs, selling is necessary.

Selling is merely a conversation.  Simple and true.

EVERYTHING you do and say to attract your group learners contributes to how you connect and ultimately, close the sale and convert learners to your groups. That doesn't mean that you're ready to pounce. It means you have a strong belief and confidence that when your learner is ready to move beyond the preview call, you're prepared to ask for her enrollment.

Get intentional about the learner benefits.
Listen quietly and pay close attention to what your learners are saying and doing so you hear with great clarity. Recognize opportunities to continue building on the relationship you've started in each and every conversation.

Listening is a skill that's totally underrated for coaches.

Listen, hear, absorb so you know exactly how to speak the language that supports your learner. Your language determines whether your support as the coach continues and encourages your learners to enroll in your group coaching program.

Belief and benefits! These are two simple strategies to help you get intentional about converting your learners.

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Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Certified Group Coach

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Certified Group Coach

Wendy Y. Bailey is a Master Certified Group Coach, Certified Experienced Coach and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practictioner. Affectionately called "WendyY" by her business associates, colleagues and friends, she's also the Creator and Founder of Group Coaching Mastery - Master Group Coaching with an NLP Twist. WendyY helps coaches, speakers and trainers learn to create, design, market, fill and deliver bestselling group coaching programs using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (persuasive marketing, language skills and influence strategies.) More about Group Coaching Mastery programs

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