February 25, 2010

How DO You Manage ALL Those Connections?

One of my newest connections on LinkedIn sent me an email, with a question as to how I manage my connections. For those of you who are building a network and are "afraid" of over-extending yourself, read on . . .

Here is my response:

Don't be overwhelmed, take it one step at a time and enjoy what you do! Most of all realize that not all connections will develop into strong business relationships, although our hope is that they will, reality is that they won't. Don't be disappointed. Do all you can to nurture your network in whatever time you have available to do it. Most of all, don't overextend yourself. Enjoy building these relationships - international, multi-cultural relationships really open your eyes to the possibilities! Do only what you can do - and you are the only person who knows what that answer is.

Enjoy and most of all - let me know how I can be of help to you!

Networking is all about personal interactions . . . pass it on! Take whatever time is necessary to build some strong connections and don't be concerned with having a large number of them. It doesn't really matter how high your numbers are - it's what you do with those numbers that is important!

There are so many social networks available today. Don't feel like you "have" to belong to all of them. Be selective and look at the people who are participating. Do they fit into your target market or do they share a special hobby with you? Do what fits best into your life - don't be bullied into joining up with everyone, everywhere. After all, how many places do you have to be seen in order to network with the same people all the time? All it takes is one network!

Tell me what you think - how many networks are YOU involved in . . . how do YOU handle YOUR connections?

As a final reminder, contacts are those you just met, connections are the next step in the relationship building process (the interactions) , relationship is the level you want to achieve. Work hard, help others and keep those contacts moving in the right direction. Decide what is best for YOU, whether it's 15 minutes a day or 5 hours a day - choose your networks wisely.


Carol Deckert, Netweaving Coach

Carol Deckert is a Networking Coach and the Netweaving Expert for Group Coaching Mastery. She's the founder of Referrals Unlimited Network, has more than 8,500 first-level connections in LinkedIn and approximately 1,000 "friends" on FaceBook and more than 4,000 followers on Twitter! Carol knows you do need the numbers before you can accumulate quality connections, because not every connection will be a good one for you. Through her netweaving work, she helps others learn to do what she did, save them lots of time and heartache, by teaching them how to network efficiently and effectively. Contact Carol on Skype: Deckert1116

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