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May 20, 2010

Beyond Business Card Basics: How To Make Your Business Card Work For You

Small spaces can pack a real punch. One of the smallest areas you have to work with is your business card. This is where short copy really needs to shine.

So, let’s take a look at how to make the most of this little chunk of your marketing real estate.

Wise use of both sides of the business card makes sense. Many people are still stuck and use the standard one side of the card method. This works if you only want to provide your contact information or you don’t have anything else to offer your prospects.

However, using the real estate on both sides of your card to pique curiosity and invoke action is important. It’s especially important if you are an Internet marketer and you want your business card to really work for you.

It’s one thing to include your website address and it’s an entirely different (and more effective) thing to invite visitors to your site and offer them something in return (think free reports, audios and bonuses that help you connect with your ideal clients).

It’s also important to include contact information. All of your contact information, including your business mailing address (even if you are an internet marketer and do the majority of your transactions online).

Here’s why: People may actually have the occasion to send you valuable information, thank you cards and even gifts. Believe it or not many businesses use traditional marketing methods to enhance their online efforts.

Personally, I’m a firm believer in good old fashioned thank you cards. It’s common courtesy to send them and since it’s become the exception rather than the rule, it’s even more important to me. In fact, Peter Bowerman has gone so far as to call me the “Thank You Card Queen.” I’ll take it, thank you. Perhaps that warrants another card.

I understand that some businesses think it’s not important. Maybe they aren’t interested in receiving a ton of junk mail. Who knows? What I do know is not being able to contact people by various means can actually turn potential customers and business colleagues off. At the same time, using your calling card or business card to your fullest advantage is just smart business.

Here’s a quick checklist of questions to make the most of your cards:

Is your contact information including snail mail address, website, telephone number and email included?

Have you included an offer with a call to action?

Are you using both sides of your card?

Does your business card support your professional brand?

Is the design unique and memorable?

With these simple guidelines, your card will really start working for you.

Copywriting Expert

Copywriting Expert

Lisa Manyon is the President of Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC. and a Professional Copywriter and Marketing Strategist specializing in POWERFULLY communicating your marketing message to increase results. She’s a published author and is a featured in the International Association of Web Entrepreneurs Official AWE Guide to Emerging Trends Every Online Entrepreneur Must Know and has written promotional, advertising and marketing copy for internet gurus and a wide variety of brick and mortar businesses. She's completed Glazer Kennedy’s Creating Copy that Sells certification and is a Copy Coach for Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp. Manyon offers a free Copywriting Action Plan with 7 Power-packed Insider Tricks of the Copywriting Trade to Dramatically Increase Sales of your Products & Services on her website

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