March 26, 2009

Get On Board the Video Express!

Lou Bortone - Online Video Expert

Lou Bortone - Online Video Expert

When WendyY asked me to be one of the Group Mastery Experts, I was delighted to get involved.  I love using video as a marketing and branding tool, and I knew right away that folks who work with WendyY would be open to learning more about online video branding.  I'll jump at the chance to share my passion for video!

In fact, I feel like I’ve been riding the Online Video train since it was the Little Engine That Could. Now Online Video is a Bullet Train, and it’s about to shoot out of the station like missile.  And we've got an opportunity to get on board!

Train analogies aside, Online Video has become a mainstream marketing tool, and an almost “must have” if you’re an online marketer or solopreneur selling any kind of product or service.  The growth of online video as a marketing and branding medium is astronomical, and the opportunity is enormous. So whether you embrace it or not, you have a vested interest in online video. Might as well hop on board the video express and join the fun!

Most entrepreneurs I talk with have a few common reasons why they haven’t yet used video in their marketing efforts. They know they should be using video – they realize the power of video, and the positive impact that it can have on their business – but they just haven’t gotten started. (Maybe this sounds a bit like you?)  Most either don’t know where to begin, are intimidated by the technology, or they’re afraid that they won’t “come off” good on camera. Well I'm here to help!

The truth is, I'm no techno-whiz!  My background is originally television marketing and promotion.  I learned all the online video stuff just over the last ten years or so, and most of it has been trial and error.  In other words, online video is really not that complicated!  I look forward to participating in this group and sharing some video tips and tricks.  I want to make sure that no one misses that train!

Lou Bortone is the new Online Video Expert for Group Mastery.  Lou spent many years in Los Angeles as a television network marketing executive before becoming an independent producer. Today, Lou helps entrepreneurs get from invisible to highly visible using online video branding.

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