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April 15, 2010

Why Does a Coach Need an Autoresponder?

email-broadcastsCoaches –do you need to automatically respond to inquiries, sign ups and the like? Do you need to communicate with your clients and potential clients? Could you benefit from the ability to automate a marketing campaign? The answer is a resounding yes! Of course you need to automatically respond, of course you need to communicate with them, of course you want to maximize your marketing efforts and having an autoresponder can allow you to do just that.  An autoresponder is a program that automatically responds to a filled in contact form, sign up box, or even simple email, automatically sending an email or a series of emails, in the case of a marketing campaign, to a client or potential client.

The autoresponder does the work that you would normally do by automatically sending a response via email using a program that you set up a head of time to send off the information that you input into it. The message or messages you create can be sent via the specific terms you set up, from the moment after the client inputs their information to days or weeks later.

After all, as a coach you want to be prompt with responding to your clients and potential clients so that they know just how important to you they are. We've all experienced the scenario of filling out a contact form or sending an email and not receiving a response for hours or even days. This can be disheartening to a potential or current client causing them to loose confidence in you as a coach. With an autoresponder in place you will not have to worry about being available and at your computer all day everyday, but you can still be prompt with your response to your clients and potential clients allowing their confidence in you to remain and to even grow.

The email response they initially receive may be generic in form, but it will help them to know what they can expect from that point forward and can even help you as a coach to collect additional information from them or to share additional information with them.

As a coach you may very well need to collect a survey or application form them if they are seeking a free consultation or even an additional consult, an autoresponder has the ability to automatically send them the survey or form that they must fill out to move forward.

In addition to this, you can use the autoresponder in marketing campaigns that you create such as e courses or free reports that are delivered automatically upon sign up via the autoresponder. This is a great way to transform your promotional efforts while saving you time, but still allowing you to be effective.

Autoresponders can truly enhance your business allowing you to market to, locate and impress your clients taking your business to new levels.

Coaches need ecommerce solutions too! Contact me for a free 15 minute ecommerce solution consultation, I look forward to answering all of your questions.

Regina Baker -  Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker is the co-creator of Wahmcart and the Ecommerce Solutions Expert for Group Coaching Mastery.  She created Wahmcart as a full ecommerce software solution for work at home moms without the huge price tag. She's dedicated to educating the small business individual (sole proprietors) and companies with ecommerce solutions that will allow them to work smarter, not harder while at the same time providing an affordable solution that the “average” person can afford.   More about Wahmcart

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