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February 10, 2010

How Coaches Can Attract Qualified Clients With Articles

As the unemployment rate fluctuates and more men and women are left to find a way to create their own income, more people are seeking to reinvent themselves in today's tough economy by choosing to become life coaches, business coaches, wellness coaches, etc.

article-marketing2While the statistical growth of coaching is exciting, this boom for the industry unfortunately will require more work on all coaches (especially new coaches) to get noticed and attract clients — and not just any client. Ones we want to work with. Ones that we click and gel with. Ones that quickly grasp the coaching process and are ready to start the work. Ones that are not afraid of the financial investment of coaching.

That’s the biggest reason why ALL new coaches should and must write articles. When you do, you will attract the types of clients you want and need to work with in order to have a fulfilling and profitable practice.

So how does writing articles on the web work best for coaches?

1. Writing articles will attract new traffic to your site, blog, or squeeze pages.

2. You will be educating potential clients about your practice with your articles.

3. You can and should use articles to spread your coaching message or mission.

4. Writing articles will get you noticed by other coaching professionals in your niche which can lead to joint ventures with more established coaches.

5. Writing articles positions you as an expert in your marketplace and no longer as a “newbie” on the block.

In conclusion, article marketing is one of the most time-tested and proven online marketing strategies that costs you nothing to implement. If you want to learn more about how to put your coaching practice on fast-forward at zero cost, grab my newly-revised article marketing success kit and discover just how easy it is to find that first client!

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Article Marketing Expert

Article Marketing Expert

Lisa Angelettie is a professional coach, published author, and article marketing expert. She's been using articles exclusively since 2003 to drive traffic to the websites of her clients as well as her own. Lisa is the Article Marketing Expert for Group Coaching Mastery. Stop by and read some of Lisa's free article marketing tips over at her site: Article Marketing Tips

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