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August 27, 2009

Advanced Article Marketing: How To Use Articles To Retain Coaching Clients

There was always one thing I truly looked forward to when starting a new coaching relationship or coaching program, and that was when I received my new coaching "welcome package" either digitally or through the mail. I just love welcome packages! Well, some of them…

In the past I have worked with really great coaches, who have truly been a major factor in why I am online and working in my dream business. And truth be told, the "welcome package" I received when first signing on with each of them weighed heavily on my "first impression" of coaching with them. This is why…

1. Good welcome packages leave a lasting impression of professionalism.

2. Informative welcome packages reinforce the fact that you are knowledgeable and indeed a leading authority on your topic.

3. Useful welcome packages wet the client's appetite for the coaching experience that will follow

4. Interesting welcome packages help reinforce the client's decision to work with you, and will help in client retention. Especially when you include information that can be referred back to during the entire coaching process.

So if you currently offer or are in the middle of constructing a welcome package for your group members, I strongly encourage you to write and repurpose a group of your favorite articles related to the group coaching topic to add more value to your package.

These tips have been created specifically for a group coaching client welcome package, but you could absolutely tweak them in order to apply to individual clients as well…

1. Write a new "welcome" article which will be your general "welcome letter". I call this welcome letter an article because it should not just say "hello", but it should give your new coaching members general information and bullet points on the issues that your group coaching program will cover. It's basically a reminder of the "benefits" that each client will receive for signing up for your coaching group.

2. Create a "checklist" article. This screams that you are organized and that your program is well thought out. This checklist can cover general points that the group coaching program will cover, or it can be a list of reading materials, resources, websites, etc. that will work in tandem with your program.

3. Repurpose your favorite 3-5 articles and create a "special report" for your new coaching clients on your topic. This special report or guide will add more perceived value to your course. In fact, if the report addresses a "hot button" of your clients then you could use it in your promotion materials as a "bonus" for joining your coaching program.

4. If you teach your coaching program in modules or sections, you could write an information and resource article to go along with each module. (This is partly how my article marketing training program Articology was born:) Clients will love this, and again this is another measure to add value and to retain clients.

Remember you can never add too much value to your coaching program. Keep writing articles, bunch them into reports or guides, add them to your welcome package or course materials and watch your group coaching numbers soar!

*Have any other ideas? Please share them with the group…

Lisa Angelettie

Lisa Angelettie - Article Marketing Expert

Lisa Angelettie is an article marketing evangelist and entrepreneurial writing coach! She's been using articles since 2003 to position herself as the #1 expert and triple her traffic in the competitive field of advice and counseling. Ready to get more article marketing tips like this? Then I would like to invite you to get her complimentary copy of the article marketing success kit. You'll learn how to write, publish, promote and profit from your articles while easily positioning yourself as an authority in your niche!

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July 16, 2009

Setting Realistic Writing Goals

I have a bad habit of setting totally unrealistic goals for almost everything in my life. I forget that I have three children, a husband, a mom with dementia, an elderly dog and a zillion other things to do!

I usually never have ALL of the time to I think I have to devote to a particular project. But writing is important to me. It is my business. It is my passion. It is what works! So I have to commit a certain amount of time to it. And so should you.

So how should you achieve this? Well you really need to set realistic writing goals. Because when you do that, you will end:

1. writing frustration

2. incomplete writing

3. poor quality writing

Here is an idea of how I like to set realistic writing goals for myself…

1. I bought a kitchen timer (a pyrex one to be exact) from the supermarket

2. I decide on what I'm working on. An article. A chapter in my book. An infoproduct section. Whatever.

3. Based on the task, I allot a certain amount of time for it. Thirty minutes for articles. Sixty minutes for products and book chapters. (This is all rough draft work of course)

4. I check the timer once. When I'm at 10 minutes before time is up - I start wrapping things up. And that could mean finishing a paragraph or even just finishing a sentence. It doesn't matter. You don't have to complete the entire task.

5. When the timer goes off - I respect it and stop what I'm doing. I go onto my next task to accomplish for the day whether that is another writing assignment or whether that is marketing or some other part of my business. If I have some time leftover of my "work day", I will devote it to finishing the writing project I started earlier. Otherwise - I will just pick up where I left off the following day.

Quick Tip: Write the same time everyday. Waiting to write when inspiration hits - may mean you won't write until next year:-)

Lisa Angelettie, Article Marketing Expert

To learn more about Lisa visit her site here!

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July 8, 2009

Group Mastery Experts lend purposeful expertise

Reviewing Blog Posts

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