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March 30, 2009

How to create more, more and more copy and content for your website and blog

The key to creating content (copy) for your website, blog and press materials is to consider your audience.
You must give your readers fresh, useful, newsworthy information that they’ll use.

  • Determine what topics will interest them.
  • Make a list of online and offline publications that will help you stay up-to-date and be sure to read them regularly.
  • Become an expert on all things relating to the services or products you are selling and the people who need them.
  • Pay attention to the questions your clients and prospects are asking you. Chances are, your answers will be of interest to your audience.
  • Check out blogs, forums and other online networking sites. What are people talking about?
  • Take general news and tie it into the specific needs and wants of your market.

Allison Nazarian is the Copywriting Expert for Group Mastery.  She is well- and widely known as one of the most honest, experienced, innovative and freshest voices in copywriting and marketing today.

This blog post was reprinted with permission from the author.

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