May 7, 2009

Why I Love Group Coaching in 33 Minutes!

Group Coaching is THE best way to generate exponential profits to boost your bottomline. It’s also a genuinely effective way to create authentic and highly connected relationships with your clients.

I just LOVE group coaching SO much that I am doing a FREE preview call!!

Now, I DON’T do FREE preview calls AND I believe in charging for my services. However, I am doing this preview because it is the LAST time I am delivering 33 Minute Mastery like this!! (HINT: Hello info product!)

I LOVE Group Coaching in 33 Minutes!!
Let me explain why…

wendyybailey-5I LOVE to experience the fabulous interaction that creates very kewl energy among the group learners.

I LOVE to see the light bulbs go off because coaches learn new stuff  they can apply right away.

I LOVE to hear the intense questions giving me the opportunity to share more, more and more content and resources.

I LOVE to see coaches, speakers, trainers in the program walk away with new skills.  Each one is totally amazed by the amount of information they learned in just 33 minutes.

I LOVE to hear coaches use kewl, WOOHOO and talk about what WendyY says.  (LOL)

I LOVE to see coaches discover what it takes to be an authentic and engaging marketer because of what they learn in the 33 Minute Mastery Program

I LOVE to know that coaches gain a newfound understanding of writing copy and developing content that creates lifelong relationships

You cannot miss this FREE preview!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

8:00 p.m. EST


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