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May 8, 2009

The LIVE 33 Minute Mastery Program

In my last post, I talked about why I LOVE the 33 Minute Mastery program (aka Group Coaching in 33 Minutes).  If I love it SO much (and I do), why am I making it the LAST LIVE program?

Very simply, I'm turning it into an information product so many more coaches have the opportunity to benefit from all of the juicy content I share within the program.  I'm also preparing to launch a number of joint venture programs and signature services as part of Group Mastery.

The LAST LIVE 33 Minute Mastery Program begins on Monday, May 11th at 12 Noon EasternGet more details

Here are just a few of the comments from two of my FAVE 33 Minute Mastery Grads:

Roxanne Ravanel

Roxanne Ravanel

"I was extremely impressed with the wealth of rich content and the level of interaction that we got in 33 minutes!  In every single session, I was inspired to either add some component to my group coaching program or to improve or expand it in some way.  Thank you so much, WendyY for Group Coaching in 33 Minutes."

Steve Ulrich

Steve Ulrich

"Wendy Y puts incredible energy into this program.  I loved her teaching, her interaction with other classmates, the connections she’s made, and the commitment she makes for her 'learners' to get what she’s teaching and then use it.  Areas such as effective listening, communication modalities, social media, client attraction, knowing that I’m worth what I do and “I charge for that.”  In 33 minutes, yes, you will get a lot out of this program and the audio sessions that Wendy Y provides as bonuses might actually be worth as much as the course.  Thanks WendyY for a fantastic whirlwind experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it and working with you and with others in the class."

Join me for the next and last LIVE 33 Minute Mastery program!  You'll be in the company of more than 100 coaching professionals, like Roxanne and Steve, ready to rock your business with group coaching.  WOOHOO!

Enroll by Saturday, May 9th at 11:59 pm Eastern and you'll receive access to the Master the Irresistible Close to Get More Clients How kewl is that?!

Remember, the LAST LIVE 33 Minute Mastery program starts on Monday, May 11th at 12 Noon Eastern.  Enroll TODAY, leave me a comment and join the journey.  THANKS in advance.

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May 7, 2009

Why I Love Group Coaching in 33 Minutes!

Group Coaching is THE best way to generate exponential profits to boost your bottomline. It’s also a genuinely effective way to create authentic and highly connected relationships with your clients.

I just LOVE group coaching SO much that I am doing a FREE preview call!!

Now, I DON’T do FREE preview calls AND I believe in charging for my services. However, I am doing this preview because it is the LAST time I am delivering 33 Minute Mastery like this!! (HINT: Hello info product!)

I LOVE Group Coaching in 33 Minutes!!
Let me explain why…

wendyybailey-5I LOVE to experience the fabulous interaction that creates very kewl energy among the group learners.

I LOVE to see the light bulbs go off because coaches learn new stuff  they can apply right away.

I LOVE to hear the intense questions giving me the opportunity to share more, more and more content and resources.

I LOVE to see coaches, speakers, trainers in the program walk away with new skills.  Each one is totally amazed by the amount of information they learned in just 33 minutes.

I LOVE to hear coaches use kewl, WOOHOO and talk about what WendyY says.  (LOL)

I LOVE to see coaches discover what it takes to be an authentic and engaging marketer because of what they learn in the 33 Minute Mastery Program

I LOVE to know that coaches gain a newfound understanding of writing copy and developing content that creates lifelong relationships

You cannot miss this FREE preview!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

8:00 p.m. EST


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January 2, 2009

Give Group Coaching A Creative Kick

People ask me why I chose 33 minutes for my newest group coaching program.  It's such a funny story that I decided to share it in this post.  My hope is that you'll learn from my experience and push the bounds of creativity in marketing your group coaching programs, too.

When I began developing Group Coaching in 33 Minutes, I envisioned a program with short, intense bursts of group coaching resources and information.  It started out with five-30 minute sessions.  The content just kept growing!  I didn't want to leave much out.  I didn't have to once I stretched the program to SEVEN sessions.

Group Coaching in 33 Minutes:

  • Showcases juicy parts of the larger program in a totally new way.
  • Lays a strong foundation for building on group coaching whether you're a newbie or experienced learner.
  • Promotes social networking strategies that ensure full groups.
  • Teaches sensory learning and language that kicks your marketing way up.
  • Reveals my favorite group coaching tools and technology.

As I started to develop the video, I got really excited.  I thought, "I should go buy a domain for this!"  (Secret: I have more than 60 domains. :D  Ideas are always flowing.)    The domain for 30 minutes wasn't available and I had to take a creative jump.  I decided on www.33MinuteMastery.com because it was catchy, marketable and gave me lots of room for fun. I ended up using the Group Mastery website in the video after it was all said and done.  Still, I gained a few very kewl insights from the creative journey.

I absolutely love this program and so do my learners!  The results have been truly AMAZING!  Group Coaching in 33 Minutes is an absolute favorite for newly certified coaches, speakers who coach and trainers who want two-way communication with their groups.

What you can learn from my creative venture:

  1. Open your mind to new possibilities.  Intentional creativity leaves lots of room for something new and different.  In my case, it turned out well.  I'm sure you'll have a similar experience.
  2. Approach creativity confidently.  I know my community of learners very well so I was clear how to stretch in just the right areas.  You'll challenge yourself to higher levels of confidence when you stretch.
  3. Embrace creativity with your whole heart.  Coaching is truly "heart" business!  Listen and follow your heart then you can be powerfully creative in your group coaching programs.

The truth is: Group coaching challenges you to be very creative.  Give Your Marketing A Creative Kick is a podclass I created from a teleseminar that I hope will help you give your group coaching a creative kick. Enjoy!

I invite you to share your favorite ways to get your creative juices flowing.  How does this creativity support you in your group coaching programs?

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