March 15, 2012

What makes a great mentor coach?

mentor-coach-wendyybaileyA couple of days ago, I opened my calendar up for complimentary business breakthrough sessions. I love coaching and I want to support my coaching colleagues in creating thriving businesses you enjoy.

I started thinking about what makes a truly great mentor coach. As a coach, you want to know exactly what to look for when choosing the right mentor coach for you!

A great mentor coach:

  • lends her expertise to elevate your coaching abilities and strengths.
  • exposes you to a whole new depth of coaching transformation.
  • teaches you repeatable marketing processes accompanied by effective systems, tools and resources.
  • engages you in ways to create sustainable income from your coaching business.
  • holds you accountable for taking massive action to grow, personally and professionally.
  • allows you to be creatively inspired and uniquely compelling.
  • sharpens your ability to target truly "ideal" clients AND serve them exceptionally well.
  • guides you to create a buying process for your clients — one your clients navigate with ease to say "Yes!" to your programs and services.
  • shows you how to consistently boost your bottom line via expanded services, programs and products.
  • teaches you a powerful content development strategy that spells lasting transformation for our clients. (Your clients will adore you!!)
  • shows you how repurpose your content so you showcase your expertise every time you deliver it.

…that's just for starters.

A great mentor coach challenges you to belief in yourself and charge what you truly deserve for your services.

I'd love to guide you to a breakthrough!  Complimentary Business Breakthrough Sessions are available for a limited time. Apply now

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September 10, 2011

It's what don't know about your ideal client that hurts

ideal-client-clarity-269x300Everyday I hear from coaches how very challenging it is to find and attract ideal clients to your coaching business. You say, "I know my ideal client but I just can't seem to find them."  I promise your ideal clients are out there. They are waiting to hear your message and they can only hear your worthwhile message from you. The truth is — when you don't know what you don't know about your ideal client, it smacks and truly hurts your marketing efforts and ultimately keeps your bottom line profits from growing.

Let me tell you why what you don't know about your ideal client is so dangerous:

  1. You work with anyone who comes your way. Why, because you're attracting someone, anybody, everybody, all, people and groups of  people who aren't specifically ideally served by your coaching programs and services. Those general descriptions of your ideal client are off limits if you want to find your sweet spot and love the client you serve. As the expression goes, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." I know that's tough to hear but it's SO VERY TRUE!
  2. You dilute your marketing efforts, spend more money and waste lots of time marketing to groups filled with lots of people that are not necessarily your ideal client. Group descriptions of your ideal client (like entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, small business owners) don't give you enough detail about your ideal client. Start there, then dive deep for more information about your ideal client. You want to know intimate details about who your ideal client is in order to have the marketing conversation. You may feel this level of clarity somehow limits your attraction. Not so! If your ideal client is a woman, it doesn't mean you won't attract men to your coaching programs and services. Instead, you'll have men with whom your message resonates in equally powerful ways. That's exactly what you want, right?
  3. You're frustrated by the clients you serve. It's because fundamentally your values are out of sync. They aren't ideal clients!  Remember, your ideal client is ALWAYS ready, willing and able to invest in your services. This doesn't mean you won't encounter objections. Instead, you'll make a tremendous and necessary shift in your thinking about how your ideal client shows up to work with you. You'll also have a greater understanding about the level of investment she is willing to make.  Isn't it time to stop struggling with clients who aren't ready to truly make a commitment in themselves (let alone commit to you and your services)?

In my newest product, Boost Your Income with Ideal Client Clarity, you'll get to know your ideal client intimately well. You'll specify demographics and psycho graphics that help you understand what to say to your ideal client in your marketing conversation. You'll define your ideal client's experience so you know how you can truly serve her via your coaching, blogging, speaking, social networking and more. You'll see the impact on your ability to find, attract and enroll ideal clients into your coaching business.

You'll know what you know about your ideal client so you can boost your income and serve lots of ideal clients, really well.

How well do you know your ideal client?

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September 7, 2011

How Compelling is Your Marketing Message?


I looked up the word compelling in the dictionary and discovered it means "to have a powerful and irresistible effect or influence."  Wow, that's very kewl especially when you think of the kind of marketing conversations you have on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  It boils down to how powerful, irresistible or influential you can be, right?

Imagine sitting down in your living room with your ideal client. The two of you are enjoying an amazing conversation about what's keeping her up at night and how that problem is affecting her business. You're listening and caring with the utmost compassion. You relate to her experience because in some ways you've had similar experiences in your business. You continue listening with interest and professional objectivity. You ask her permission to invite her to look at things a little differently, knowing that it takes just one tiny step to alleviate that problem from her life and business. You encourage her to be courageous knowing that it represents genuine relief for your client. You challenge her and let her know you're there to support her in every step.

She taps into the opportunities you reveal and wants to continue the conversation (i.e., invest in your coaching). She knows you can help rid her life and business of the problem plaguing her. The reasons are very simple:

  1. Connection - You began the conversation by building a bond of respect and genuine concern.  You continued that bond throughout the entire conversation by caring, listening and sharing. You invited her to accept the support you offered her and she accepted.
  2. Value - You mapped out one small act of courage that would truly help her. You gave her a tip, tool, resource or strategy that she found gave her immediate relief. You gave her a glimpse into just how easy it is to take more steps and achieve bigger results.
  3. Challenge - You believed in her ability to play a bigger game. You gave her the experience of playing bigger with a gentle, trusting nudge and she liked it! You know it's not being a "Yes Woman."  Instead you had faith in your client because of the great potential she had/has to remedy any obstacle in her life. You stood as her accountability partner, supporting her every move.

Now, that's a compelling marketing conversation/message — one that you can have in your emails, social media updates, blog posts, sales letters and more. Practice being authentically powerful, irresistible and influential until it becomes natural.  You'll see the difference right away!

How powerful, irresistible and influential is your marketing message?

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