March 20, 2009

Group Mastery Experts Guarantee REAL Learning

I heard a definition of an expert several years ago that still has powerful meaning today: An expert is a person who applies the lessons learned from the many, many mistakes he/she has made in a particular area. In other words, through the process of trial and error, education, training, experience and more - an expert has achieved a certain level of mastery. I just love that!

The Group Mastery Experts are truly experts who have achieved mastery in focused areas of business.  Each of these outstanding professionals are well-equipped to lend their expertise to support our community of learners:

  • Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions (Shopping Cart, Online Marketing)
  • Leesa Barnes - Social Media Marketing
  • Kristen Beireis - Marketing Implementation
  • Lou Bortone - Online Video Production (DIY Tech Talk)
  • Shannon Cherry - Publicity/Media
  • Carol Deckert - Netweaving
  • Charly Leetham - Blog Customization (DIY Tech Talk)
  • Joselin Mane - Internet Strategy (DIY Tech Talk)
  • Allison Nazarian - Copywriting
  • Kathie Thomas - Blogging

Via the 90 Minute Mastery Webinar program, the monthly marketing mastermind calls, DIY Tech Talks, technology sessions, blog posts, TV and special community events, the Group Mastery Experts help our group coaches learn easy, fun and profitable ways to create, market and deliver a successful group coaching program.  Now, that's REAL learning!!

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January 28, 2009

Carol Deckert: Netweaving and Networking Success

Carol Deckert - Netweaving Expert

Carol Deckert, Netweaving Expert

My name is Carol Deckert, and I’m pleased to be the Group Mastery Expert in Netweaving and Networking.    My plans are to help Group Mastery learners build high-quality, long-lasting business relationships to strengthen and build their business.  My knowledge comes from real-life experience, the school of “hard knocks” if you will, from learning by doing, making mistakes and fine-tuning my skills.  At this writing, I'm connected to more than 6,700 people on LinkedIn; almost 1,300 Facebook friends, more than 1,800 followers on Twitter and 10,000+ contacts in my Outlook address book.  My passion is in developing relationships and teaching others to do the same.  Can you tell?   More about Me

Relationship building takes time and is not something that happens over night. You need to nurture your relationships so your network is long lasting. If you try to leverage relationships right after you meet people, then you will most likely not be successful because you have not built trust, friendship, and credibility.

You won’t be offered “cookie-cutter” solutions, but you will learn to build a network that is customized to your personality and your business.

Netweaving is actually a two-step process:

(1) you can be a Connector where you put two people together that can help one another, without any immediate expectation of payback to you and/or

(2) you could be a Resource - the one who others can come to when they need some type of help - the "go-to" person or the person with great connections.

Netweaving is the latest step in networking and it is based on "Paying it Forward" - having no expectations of an immediate return to you.  “Netweavers” realize that good comes back to them in many undisguised ways.

The difference between networking and netweaving is that in networking, you are looking to receive business for yourself - in netweaving, you are looking to find business for others - paying it forward will usually result in a tremendous payoff for you, at a time when it is least expected!

We will work together, in seminars and group forum discussions to help you develop your networking plan, a critical piece of your marketing plan to move your business forward.

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