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January 13, 2009

Blog Tag: 10 Honest Traits About Me…

Ok, Sandra Martini! You've tagged me and I'm ready to accept your challenge to reveal 10 honest traits about me…

  1. I'm the youngest of four and I'm not the baby!  For years, people have thought I'm older because of my take charge spirit.  Imagine that.  I'm just sayin'…
  2. I rarely meet a stranger no matter where I travel.  My son says I have a special fondness for babies.  (Don't tell him I said so…it's totally true!)
  3. I'm a workaholic learning to moderate my world more effectively.  I must say I'm doing pretty well these days.  Having a great coach makes all the difference in the world!
  4. I've been voted most congenial four different times:  as a freshman by the homecoming court, as a high school senior, in the debutante ball, in local pageant in my hometown of Macon, GA.  Do you suppose there's any truth to that one?  LOL
  5. I love being a mom because it's made me a much better person.  It's the most challenging work I've ever done (including coaching) and I'm my son's number 1 fan.  I always fight through the teenage fog to ensure we have the best relationship.  Really!
  6. I was born on my father's birthday.  How kewl is that?! Although my Daddy and I were not terribly close, I really miss chatting with him.  He always thought I was just too much!
  7. I enjoy smooth jazz, acid jazz and R&B.  I've been unplugged from it for awhile and love theatre, as well.  Alvin Ailey and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra does Gospel Christmas are among my all-time favorites!!
  8. I knew I was destined for something more from the moment I began working.  I held two jobs at age 16, GEICO (clerk/typist) and McDonald's (drive thru whiz).  I enjoyed both of them until I went away to college and I've been working ever since.
  9. My mom and I have a challenging relationship at times.  She has a quick wit and that whole "mama" thing going on that rubs me the wrong way sometimes.  Still, I love her dearly because she's mom.
  10. I really do talk like this:  LOL, Big hugs!!, I love it!, muuaah!  It's totally true…I promise!

Now, to tag a few of my friends and ask for your 10 honest traits…be sure to tag your 10 friends:

Join in the blog tag and share one honest trait about yourself. I promise, it doesn't hurt one bit!

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