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January 22, 2009

Allison Nazarian: Cooking up some good copywriting?

Make sure you have the necessary ingredients!

Allison Nazarian - Copywriting Expert

Allison Nazarian - Copywriting Expert

As the Copywriting Expert for Group Mastery, I'm dedicated to continue sharing what I have learned through 15 years in copywriting with you and, in turn, your clients. More and more, coaches and entrepreneurs are choosing, through preference or because of budget or other reasons, to write their own copy.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Copywriting will be doable, manageable and highly profitable for you if you have the right advice and expertise at your fingertips — and that is where I will come in for you! More About Me

No matter what you are writing and what product or service you are selling, certain copywriting principles will play a role in your efforts — if your product or service is to be successful.

Here, then, are your Top 3 Must-Consider-Never-Ignore Copywriting Commandments:

1. Do the work. Whether you’re writing copy for a web page, blog entry, a press release or print piece, the most important part of the writing process is completed before you write one word. Yet all too many skip this step and sometimes ignore its very existence. It is essential to prepare and gather as much information as possible about the subject for which you are creating copy, and to do so before you write a single word. Ignore this crucial step and your response/results, will tell the tale…guaranteed!

2. Be the expert. Share what you know and what you offer in a way that clearly demonstrates that your service/product/expertise is the bridge between their problem/need and a satisfying solution. Don’t be afraid to show and own your expertise. On the other hand, don’t ever try to be or show you know something that you clearly aren’t or don’t know.

3. Know thy market (and if you don’t, refer to #1 above and start all over again). Sure, there are ways to get your message out to everyone in the world, but why would you want to? Is everyone in the world your potential customer? (Even if your answer is “yes,” chances are this is not actually the case.) Take some time to define your market, what it needs, who is in it and, as importantly, who is not. Why would they buy from you and what do they need? And while you are at it, be sure to know how and where they get and digest their information.

How do you leverage these commandments to ensure copywriting success?

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January 16, 2009

How I Used Twitter to Fill My Group Coaching Program

I first signed up for Twitter in March or April of 2008.  I didn't know what it was about but I kept seeing my Facebook friends talking about Twitter so I decided to try it out.  A couple of times each week I would receive an email saying someone was following me.  I didn't know why they would follow me because I just didn't understand what Twitter was all about — at that time.

Fast forward to present day and I'm totally a Twitterholic!!  I start my day saying hello to Tweople and connecting online and offline in between my many activities.  While that's totally fun, I gotta tell you about how I used Twitter to OVERSELL my group coaching program, Group Coaching in 33 Minutes.  How kewl is that?!

I've also been invited to Orlando in February to serve as a panelist at JV Alert Live.  To my surprise, the invitation has wonderful perks.  I love that!

Would you like to find out how I used Twitter to achieve these results? Well, you're in luck.

I'm going to share my techniques at the 2009 Social Media Telesummit, an 8 day virtual event taking place entirely over the phone from January 21-30, 2009.  This content-packed event is hosted and produced by Leesa Barnes.  If you don't know Leesa, she's definitely someone to watch.

Here's what you'll learn from my session:

- The top seven Twitter tools you must use to grow your list of followers

- Discover the type of tweets that work to fill your groups (and avoid the ones that don't)

- How to map out a Twitter strategy that boosts your marketing strategy

- How to use Twitter to attract all the potential clients you can handle

My session is on the "Build Traffic" track.  Other presenters who will teach you how to build traffic using social media are Deborah Micek, Sherman Hu, Jeff Herring and Maria Reyes-McDavis.

Want to learn how to build traffic using social media? Register your spot for the 2009 Social Media Telesummit

There's only 247 spots available, so grab yours before they're all scooped up.

Ain't no stoppin' us now, right?! Are you joining me at the 2009 Social Media Telesummit?

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January 6, 2009

What Social Media Tactics Keep Leesa Barnes Guessing?

My friend, Leesa Barnes, is considered a social media expert.

She's written a book, has been nominated for social media awards and continues to influence many with her ideas.

But, I have a secret to share with you…Leesa doesn't "get" social bookmarking, a social media strategy.

I'm serious.

Here's a social media expert who doesn't quite understand how social bookmarking can boost your business.

So, Leesa has invited Maria Reyes-McDavis aka the Web Success Diva to present on this very topic at the 2009 Social Media Telesummit.  Checkout all the details

Maria will share with you how to use social bookmarking to:

* How to implement a social bookmarking strategy for your blog and/or website that will save you time, effort, and headaches

* What social booking is and why you should even care

* The #1 mistake to avoid in your social bookmarking strategy that could cost you your reputation and online rankings

Maria's session is just one of the many sessions you'll hear at the 2009 Social Media Telesummit, an 8 day virtual event taking place entirely over the phone from January 21-30, 2009.

Hurry! There are only 247 seats available and once the sessions start on January 21st, the doors close.

Grab your seat NOW

Did you know I'm going to be at the 2009 Social Media Telesummit?  That's right!  I'm talking about how to fill your group coaching programs using social media.  How kewl is that?!  What would you like to learn about social media and why? Do tell.

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