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July 24, 2011

5 steps to get rich in your niche


In my last post I told you about the importance of having ONE very clear ideal client to focus your marketing efforts. When the light bulb turns on for the coaches I work with around this simple concept, it opens up a brand new perspective about how to attract and reach their ideal clients. I love sharing the reasons why having one ideal client is so important.

In this post, I want to give voice to how knowing your ONE ideal client intimately well helps you grow a very strong and profitable niche.

I define niche as having a clear and purposeful arena in which you serve your ideal client. Your ideal client group may expand over time but the work you do is what you really want to develop. A solid niche affords the coach the opportunity to use a comprehensive approach with your client, ultimately supporting the whole client. That's what coaching is all about!

Begin by understanding my Power of One strategy:

  • Identify your one ideal client with great detail. Get to know your ideal client intimately well. Details matter!
  • Clarify one core problem faced by your one ideal client. Get to the root of the problem rather than addressing symptoms caused by the problem.
  • Determine the one solution to the problem offered by your coaching services.

As coaches, we know our client has more than one challenge she's facing so it doesn't end there.  As your relationship with your one ideal client grows, document additional problems that surface so you can revisit them and identify solutions you're able to offer with coaching.

Imagine identifying 20, 30, 40 or 50 presenting issues from your client that match the solutions you offer (your very specific coaching services). You have a product, program or service for every problem your ideal client has.  Cha-ching!!

Follow this 5-step niche-building strategy:

  1. Create, market and fill a group coaching program based on the core problem identified by your one ideal client. With your ideal client clarity, you will attract multiple clients to your group coaching program who are equally ideal.
  2. Match your coaching program to solve your ideal client's problem.  Your ideal client hires you as her coach because she wants change, help, support and resolution. You're well-equipped to handle that responsibility!
  3. Turn your program into an information product. You're also creating passive revenue and there's nothing kewl-er than that!
  4. Listen to the questions your ideal client asks and pay close attention to issues not resolved by the current program.  Opportunity is knocking and you get to be the one opening the door.
  5. Develop new programs, products and services based on each new problem. You ARE the solutions-provider after all, right?

Start back at #1 for each problem-solution combination. This process is so repeatable and tenacity is the key!

I've been where you are now and know this strategy works. I believe in it so much that I specifically train coaches on implementing this strategy in the Certified Group Coach® Program. Yes, it works that well.

Try it for the next six months and you'll be able to see your profits are way up. Now you have a really strong niche  - a clear and purposeful arena in which you serve many of your ideal clients. Most importantly, you're loving the coaching business you've created filled with those ideal clients who love you and keep coming back to you for more.

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July 12, 2011

It only takes ONE to make real money

oneIt only takes ONE ideal client to make real money. Not 10, 30 or even, 5.  One.

Unfortunately, I see coaches make a huge mistake by trying to serve far too many clients at one time.  Most of the time, the clients aren't even ideal.  You're diluting your marketing efforts by trying to be all things to all types of clients.

I think the belief is by focusing on just one ideal client, the market is somehow limited in the number of people you'll reach. You may also think speaking to just one ideal client will eliminate clients who can truly be served by your message.  That's the farthest thing from the truth!  Knowing your ONE ideal client intimately well helps you know exactly what she reads; where she goes, what she does and  how to reach her in the spaces and places. You're cooking with gas now!

Look at the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.  The very first book was written for a broad audience.  Authors soon discovered a wider appeal in the "Chicken Soup" series by creating subsequent books for Teens, African-Americans, Grandmothers, New Mothers and more. Each book in the series was targeted to ONE specific group of ideal clients. You get the idea.

One ideal client - just one.

Focusing on ONE ideal client leverages your marketing time while honing your expertise and skills to provide exceptional service to your community of ideal clients made up of the one. That's priceless and yields HUGE benefits for the amazing people served by the programs and services you create. Get really comfortable with the group of ONEs you're serving since you're well-positioned to dig deep in the services and programs you offer to support them.

In my next post, I'll tell you how to carve out a highly profitable niche with your one ideal client.  Kewl, heh?

Who's your ONE ideal client? This is your opportunity for shameless self-promotion.

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WWWD: How to write copy when you don't love doing it


Copywriting is something I hear coaches say they absolutely dread doing. It's especially challenging when you have to create a sales page or write copy to promote one of your programs or services. Oh no!

The discussion of the copywriting albatross comes up so frequently in the Certified Group Coach® Program that I'm sharing a few tips to get you started in this installment of What Would WendyY Do?:

  • Take a deep breath to release your anxiety and clear your mind to write. I know it sounds simple but you'll be surprised at how much that breath helps you to focus. If the first deep breath doesn't do the trick, take one more and go way down to the bottom of your stomach to get it.  This time open your mouth and allow the angst to flow up, over and right out. It's ok to make a little noise so you know the anxiety actually left your body.
  • Imagine you're sitting in a cozy chair in your living room. You're comfortable and relaxed. Visualize that your ideal client is sitting in a chair right next to you. Your job is to coach your client right there on the spot. That's easy because you're a great coach, right? First and foremost you're a coach. Now is not the time to forget that important fact so bring all of your skills with you to the conversation.
  • Converse with your ideal client, naturally. You want to help her focus on the challenges shes facing and tackle each one head on. With compassion, you help her see the cost of continuing to do what she's always done. You're there to help her understand the real price of that kind of insanity. She's paying for it some kind of way and your role is to uncover the emotional price she's paying so she sees and feels the impact. This is no time to be skiddish - say what's true!
  • Share the benefits and solutions your service or program offers. Talk to her about the results she'll experience after being in your program. I always remember from my sales background that people can relate to how the program will benefit them - the "What's In It for Me" information. Tell her and be generous!
  • Remind her of your expertise by sharing your personal journey. Be sure to speak to her in a language she understands. That means you have to let go of coaching jargon. I tell my coaches to use the $5 words rather than the $25 ones.

This is a simple little technique that once you master it - you'll be on your way to writing really compelling and emotional copy that attracts and engages your ideal clients every single time.

That's what WendyY would do!

What's your greatest copywriting challenge?

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