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December 20, 2009

Avatar: Wow! Amazing Group Coaching Lessons

avatar-movieOn Friday, my 19 year old son and I went to see the movie Avatar.  The movie is an amazingly innovative tale about an indigenous community living on a planet named, Pandora.  If you know me, you know the compelling story, cutting edge special effects, riveting drama and powerful love story are all right up my alley for a great movie.

My son turned to me about twenty minutes before the end of the movie and said, "I think there's a big secret to this movie."  I laughed and replied that I was reminded so much of lessons I've learned that I knew I had to write a blog post.  No big surprise there!  The movie was filled with lessons about community, networking and most importantly - group coaching.

As a real movie buff, I know how difficult it is when folks share too much about the movie before you ever see it.  Rather than give away too much of the kewlness about the movie, I'll share a few quick lessons I remembered that speak to me powerfully about group coaching:

  1. Look to the members of your group for energy, guidance and insight before, during and after your group coaching program. Appreciate the pace, intrigue and flow from the learners in your group.  Remember, you're creating a content-rich experience for each individual, as well as, for the group as a whole.  Listen and pay close attention to how your learners are learning to design a positive and highly interactive climate in the group.  Be sure everyone wins!
  2. Borrowing the energy, guidance and insight is acceptable when you know you have to give it back. The people in your group coaching program are there because they know you can help them solve a very unique challenge.  Through your content and delivery of your program, you feed them with your own energy, guidance and insight.  They count on you as the group coach and resident expert to pave the way for transformation and it's a two-way, multi-dimensional approach to learning, sharing and growing.
  3. The group is an interdependent network that you're tasked with helping to grow and thrive. Leverage the power and depth of the learning environment you create to benefit everyone.  Tap into the senses, memories and minds of your learners to challenge them to creative action, massive connection and lasting change.  Create masterful content using metaphors, compelling stories, powerful questions and more.  Transformation is guaranteed when you do!

Well, my son was right!  There is a big secret:  The learners in your group coaching program have two births. The first occurs when they enroll in your group coaching program.  Like babies, they need your support and expert direction wrapped with lots of caring and knowledge.   The second birth or rebirth happens after they've experienced major breakthroughs as a result of your amazing content and the compelling experience you create.  The rebirth is symbolic of the transformation created by your group coaching program.

Like Avatar, group coaching is compelling, cutting edge, riveting and truly transformational.  What group coaching lessons did you learn about watching this exciting movie? Leave me a comment

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Certified Group Coach

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Certified Group Coach

Wendy Y. Bailey is a Master Certified Group Coach, Certified Experienced Coach and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practictioner.  Affectionately called "WendyY" by her business associates, colleagues and friends, she's also the Creator and Founder of Group Coaching Mastery - Master Group Coaching with an NLP Twist.  WendyY helps coaches, speakers and trainers learn to create, design, market, fill and deliver bestselling group coaching programs using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (persuasive marketing, language skills and influence strategies.)   More about Group Coaching Mastery programs

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December 7, 2009

Group Coaching Mastery Interactive TV

Coaches, Speakers and Other Training Professionals!! You're invited to join me for a virtual tour of my new Facebook application. We'll watch interactive videos, chat live and more! Join me on Tuesday, December 8th at 1 pm Eastern to join the fun. I'll see you there!

Login to Facebook and visit:

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November 6, 2009

Thank Goodness for Professional Relationships!

On August 28th (Friday) I received a telephone call asking me if I was in London.  Thoroughly confused, actually being wakened from a very deep sleep, I said no, never have been to London, wasn't planning to be in London - in fact, never have I been issued a passport!  My caller, whose identity will remain private to avoid any retaliation from the guilty parties, continued by telling me that someone must have hijacked my identity on FaceBook and is sending messages to my connections telling them that I was mugged and held at gunpoint, robbed of all credit cards, cell phone and money and now am stuck without funds to pay my hotel bill and get a return flight back to the USA.  This scammer asked them if they could help by sending money that would be paid back upon my return to the US.  I was dumb-founded, just couldn't believe that something like this had happened to me - I'm a small business owner, building a business by teaching others to build relationships.  What could a scammer expect to get from me?

You have no clue how shocked I was!  We always think that those situations happen to others, but it could never happen to me . . . but, I'm living proof that it does happen to innocent people.  Without that phone call, I would not have even known what was happening.  My business could have literally disappeared - without any wrong doing on my part!

As I sat down to start working yesterday, I found quite a few emails and messages from online friends, both on FaceBook and on LinkedIn, all asking pretty much the same question(s) with their number one concern being my safety.  Think about that - how awesome is that for people who I have not met face-to-face, but have built an online relationship with - to take the time to make sure I was safe and to know that someone was misrepresenting me! I thank them all from the bottom of my heart!

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to telephone me, send me an email and drop me a note.  This has been a real eye-opening experience for me, but I'm looking to make it a positive one!

As a Networking Coach, my business is based on building relationships.  Thankfully I have been successful in this area, because good online friends, like you, are very supportive and caring, during times like this.  If I had not built these relationships, my online contacts could have very easily disappeared, without any notice to me, when spammers took my account and used it to what they thought, would be their advantage.  All the hard work and dedication I have put into building my reputation online could have disappeared within a second or two, without my knowledge!

I  have filed a report that this was a  419 Scam with  FaceBook and am now waiting on a solution from them. Other than following their recommendation to  immediately change my password, there is not much else that I can do at this time.

In the meantime, I'm letting everyone know that this was a hijacked account and to take all precautions possible to insure their protection of their identity.  Thankfully, my connections know, like and trust me and for that I am truly grateful!

I'm documenting this frightening experience on my blog, and on several others, with the intention of spreading the word as far as possible about identity theft and the consequences to the innocent victim(s).

You have no idea  how much your support means to me, thanks so much for taking the time to telephone me or send me a note!  Relationships DO work . . . if you didn't know, like or trust me, you would have "assumed" (and been wrong) that this was really me, asking for money to help me get back home.    Communications from me are usually about business, quotes, tips, tricks, general advice so it was clear to my connections when they received this IM that this could not really have been me, requesting they send money to help me get home!

One other point I wanted to make . . . I don't message my IM with the exception of using Skype and I only message with those I know on Skype - I don't search for new people to chat with, I chat with only people who have connected with me in some way and we have exchanged Skype details.

Please, do take care and protect your identity.  Online business can be fun and financially rewarding, but don't get carried away thinking everything is A-OK without keeping an eye on what people are saying about you.  Set up Google Alerts, do everything you can to find out when and how your name is being used.  With a bit of caution, you can be very successful with your online connections.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions on what else I could do about this situation would be greatly appreciated.  I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts!

To Your Networking Success!

Carol Deckert, Networking Coach

Carol Deckert - Netweaving Expert

Carol Deckert - Netweaving Expert

Carol Deckert is a Networking Coach and the Netweaving Expert for Group Mastery. She's the founder of Referrals Unlimited Network, has more than 6,700 first-level connections in LinkedIn and approximately 1,800 “friends” on Facebook and more than 3,000 followers on Twitter! Carol knows you do need the numbers before you can accumulate quality connections, because not every connection will be a good one for you. Through her netweaving work, she helps others learn to do what she did, save them lots of time and heartache, by teaching them how to network efficiently and effectively. Contact Carol on Skype: deckert1116

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