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May 23, 2009

Implementing New Marketing Systems with Less Overwhelm

Implementing a new business system can be a large task for any business owner. The experts say, "Set up a shopping cart and autoresponder, hook it up to your payment processor and you are off and running with an automated system that brings in more income."

Sounds great! So, you follow the experts' advice. You research different systems and ask several people for their recommendations. GREAT!! You're ready to get off and running!

What the expert didn't tell you is how much work is involved in getting that system set up in your business. If you're unfamiliar with the technology involved here, it can be a daunting task to just LOOK at an autoresponder system, not to mention the shopping cart. This is where overwhelm starts to set in.

So, you decide to delegate to your virtual team. Again, GREAT!! You can wait until they do their job and then you'll be off and running. Oops, not so fast. Before your virtual team can work the magic of setting up your system, testing and other technology tasks, there are many decisions that you have to make. YOU are the business owner and YOU need to decide what it will look like and how everything will fit together.

More decisions? More overwhelm! Before you throw in the towel altogether, here are three steps to help you set up a new system in your business with less overwhelm.

1) What do I want it to look like? First, get REALLY clear on how you want the finished system to look. What is the customer experience? Are there things you've experienced as the customer that you would prefer to avoid? What customizations do you want to see? Talk to a business coach about what's important to YOU as the business owner.

2) How much do I want to know? Next, get REALLY clear on how much of the system you want to know. Do you want to learn all the technical aspects? If not, then hand these over right from the start. Save yourself the time and stress of trying to wrap your head around the technology if that's not your strength.

3) What do I need to know? Find out what your options are and what information you need to set up this system. These are great questions to ask on your strategy call with your marketing team.

Once you have those answers you'll have a list of what needs to be done. Write it down, so you can delegate tasks as needed. You now know exactly what is involved and exactly how it will look in the end.

You also know what your responsibilities are and what others are responsible for.

Once all that is done, THEN you are off and running with a new income generating system. One that works the way YOU want it to.

Kristen Beireis Marketing Implementation Expert

Kristen Beireis Marketing Implementation Expert

Kristen Beireis is the Marketing Implementation Expert for Group Mastery.  She works with successful coaches who are so buried in marketing they are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.  Kristen and her team free coaches up to earn those hundreds of thousands of dollars without breaking a sweat.

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April 8, 2009

An easy checklist for determining whether a marketing vehicle is suitable for your campaign

Exposure. Look at what kind of exposure you are looking for and how a particular vehicle can get you that exposure. For instance, a website or a blog is open, accessible and available to anyone, anywhere, any time, 24/7/365.

Suitability. Is this means of marketing actually suitable to your target market’s needs and habits? And for that matter, is it suitable for the image and message you are aiming for?

Variety. Variety is the spice of life, and often of marketing too. You can’t put all of your eggs in one marketing vehicle’s basket. You need to spread the wealth, so to speak, and get the message out in a number of ways. So don’t spend all your time on one web page or one blog entry, always look at the big picture and use all of the suitable outlets you can.

Flexibility. How well can you manage, change, update and work with this vehicle? Can you post content yourself or are you at the mercy or someone or something else?

Credibility. Free always sounds nice and many of us jump at something that seems like a good deal. But it may be a tacky or unprofessional or inconsequential site or service, so be careful not to waste your time and your resources.

You have a certain message and image that you are looking to get out at all times. Be consistent about that – don’t compromise just because you think you have found a good deal.

Allison Nazarian is the Copywriting Expert for Group Mastery.  She is well- and widely known as one of the most honest, experienced, innovative and freshest voices in copywriting and marketing today.

This blog post was reprinted with permission from the author.

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April 2, 2009

Promote Your Group Coaching Program with 10 Newsworthy Ideas

If you want to fill your group coaching program, you need to reach out to your target market in a variety of ways. And one of the best - and cost effective - means is to write press releases and send them to the media that your perfect prospect reads, listens to or watches.

Press releases have been the standard method of disseminating news for decades, and every editor has learned to both loathe and rely on them. Some outlets like USA Today receive up to 8,000 or more releases a week, and they diligently peruse each and every one when properly submitted.

Why a release and not a pitch or a phone call? A news release is what an editor expects to see, and is the primary method of communicating your news to media editors, regardless of media format. Plus, according to the 800 journalists I recently interviewed for The Inside Scoop, if you want media coverage, you need to be using a press release. It's what they want.

Essentially, you must use a press release if you want to get the word out to the media about your news.

Unfortunately there are many people, who are not PR professionals, now littering the media desks with frivolous and un-newsworthy news releases. These releases are immediately round-filed by editors and their assistants because it is clearly unrelated to their audience, or is incorrectly formatted as an "advertorial," or is simply not news.

Reasons for this increase are directly related to the popularity of email dissemination over fax and snail mail, and the advent of press release submission services that don't always monitor the worthiness and relevance of the releases they send.

So what is newsworthy?

Being newsworthy means writing a properly formatted release that includes an engaging headline and announces something new. It's supposed to be news, not an advertisement, and must be worded that way.

Some ideas of newsworthy releases for your group coaching business include:

  1. A new group coaching program
  2. An old program with a new name or branding
  3. A new version of an old program
  4. A new application of an older program
  5. New bonuses available for an old product or program
  6. A new blog or website
  7. A speech or presentation given by you as an expert
  8. An expert opinion on any subject
  9. Awards or honors given to those in your group program
  10. Awards or honors given to your program or business

Whether you are sending your own releases, utilizing a PR firm, or simply working with a press release distribution company, the only reason to send a press release is when you really do have something to announce.

Shannon Cherry is the publicity/media expert for Group Mastery. Known as The Power Publicist, she helps coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and solo professionals attract more clients and customers through the power of publicity.

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