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February 10, 2010

How Coaches Can Attract Qualified Clients With Articles

As the unemployment rate fluctuates and more men and women are left to find a way to create their own income, more people are seeking to reinvent themselves in today's tough economy by choosing to become life coaches, business coaches, wellness coaches, etc.

article-marketing2While the statistical growth of coaching is exciting, this boom for the industry unfortunately will require more work on all coaches (especially new coaches) to get noticed and attract clients — and not just any client. Ones we want to work with. Ones that we click and gel with. Ones that quickly grasp the coaching process and are ready to start the work. Ones that are not afraid of the financial investment of coaching.

That’s the biggest reason why ALL new coaches should and must write articles. When you do, you will attract the types of clients you want and need to work with in order to have a fulfilling and profitable practice.

So how does writing articles on the web work best for coaches?

1. Writing articles will attract new traffic to your site, blog, or squeeze pages.

2. You will be educating potential clients about your practice with your articles.

3. You can and should use articles to spread your coaching message or mission.

4. Writing articles will get you noticed by other coaching professionals in your niche which can lead to joint ventures with more established coaches.

5. Writing articles positions you as an expert in your marketplace and no longer as a “newbie” on the block.

In conclusion, article marketing is one of the most time-tested and proven online marketing strategies that costs you nothing to implement. If you want to learn more about how to put your coaching practice on fast-forward at zero cost, grab my newly-revised article marketing success kit and discover just how easy it is to find that first client!

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Article Marketing Expert

Article Marketing Expert

Lisa Angelettie is a professional coach, published author, and article marketing expert. She's been using articles exclusively since 2003 to drive traffic to the websites of her clients as well as her own. Lisa is the Article Marketing Expert for Group Coaching Mastery. Stop by and read some of Lisa's free article marketing tips over at her site: Article Marketing Tips

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February 4, 2010

What is a Shopping Cart?

shopping-cart-checkoutIf you are a coach that markets online and are selling products or providing coaching services, more than likely you have some sort of shopping cart attached to your site. However, many do not understand what a shopping cart is or what it is capable of doing. Let’s break it down to make it easier to understand. A shopping cart allows customers or clients the ease of purchasing your items.

The shopping cart is actually a software application that will normally run on your computer where your site is located or on the server itself. With this software a customer can choose items that you offer and place them in a shopping cart, similar to a grocery cart or basket that will keep the items there until ready to check out. What makes this possible is the way the actual program is written. Some programs are available that allow an experienced programmer the ability to change codes and features, while others do not. Much of what happens behind the scenes of shopping cart software is difficult for someone who is not technologically savvy in that particular area. Many individuals that use shopping cart systems basically want to know the features it contains.

Since not every shopping cart software is made alike, it is wise to do some comparison-shopping before deciding on a particular system to use for you website or online business. Determine what features you will need to make your experience one that is hassle-free. Shopping cart software typically consists of two components: storefront and administration.

The storefront is the ‘store’ that is accessed by clients to an online shop or website. The categories, products and other pages are generated by the software and saved in the store database. The look of the storefront can be changed or designed to match the shop or site. The administration involves the area of the store that is only accessible by the merchant who can then manage the shop. In other words, the administration is the ‘behind the scenes’ section where the merchant can add, delete, edit, categorize, set prices, as well as hourly, and monthly fees, etc. This area can be web-based or implemented on your computer. Most are web-based which makes it easier for the merchant without the fear of computer crashing and losing all the information.

If you have an online coaching business that offers coaching services or products such as E-books and audios chances are you are using a shopping cart. A little knowledge on the mechanics of a shopping cart is always helpful and the ease of having a shopping cart software that is web-based with features that will benefit your business is important.

Coaches need ecommerce solutions too! Contact me for a free 15 minute ecommerce solution consultation, I look forward to answering all of your questions.

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker is the co-creator of Wahmcart and the Ecommerce Solutions Expert for Group Mastery.  She created Wahmcart as a full ecommerce software solution for work at home moms without the huge price tag. She's dedicated to educating the small business individual (sole proprietors) and companies with ecommerce solutions that will allow them to work smarter, not harder while at the same time providing an affordable solution that the “average” person can afford.   More about Wahmcart

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January 24, 2010

Why You Should Never Blog for Your Group

write-for-one_empty-roomYour groups are thriving and you love coaching groups, right?  But your blog…. ehhhh… not so successful. You're writing great material. You think it's gold! You've been sweating blood over your posts. How can you be giving away so much great content and not getting stronger responses?

Because you shouldn't be writing for your group.

People hate being addressed as groups. With the possible exception of members of weird cults. If you're a cult coach, stop reading now. For the rest of us, our readers are individuals and they crave being understood as individuals.

It's one of the most common mistakes that I see as an online presence coach. When you write like you're talking to a group, you'll probably find yourself talking to an empty room.

Happily, it's easy to fix. Just back away from the blog podium and take your reader out for coffee instead.

Want to write a bigger, better blog with a more devoted following? Write for one person. Counter-intuitive, I know.  But effective AND less stressful. Not only will your blog speak to more people, I can guarantee you'll have more fun writing it.

I like to think very specifically about my ideal reader.

For this post, it's Andrea. She's a coach who wants to cultivate an audience for her group coaching practice.  She's a 45-year-old, irreverent corporate refugee who wants her coaching groups to empower others to consider life outside the corporate realm. Her personal motivation is to create a flexible lifestyle to accommodate her family and her business. She coaches three groups a week and creates information products from the results of her groups.

I can feel more comfortable writing when it's just a chat with Andrea. The details of her practice don't necessarily color the content of my post but they help me feel connected to her.

And isn't blogging really about connecting?

Who is your ideal reader? What's her name? What's her job? What's her goal? What motivates her?

How would feeling her presence change how you blog?

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Laurie Foley, Blogging Expert

Is your online presence energizing you or overwhelming you? Laurie Foley is an online presence coach who helps people and organizations thrive online. With more than 25 years of technology experience and 15 years as an entrepreneur, she is a resourceful and intuitive guide for those who want to establish a strong personal brand and learn the vital social media skills to flourish in a rapidly changing environment. Besides writing as Group Coaching Mastery's Blogging Expert, you can find Laurie at http://lauriefoley.com and on Twitter as @lauriefoley.

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