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January 22, 2009

Regina Baker: eCommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker eCommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker - eCommerce Solutions Expert

I am thoroughly honored and excited about being your ecommerce solutions expert at Group Mastery for Speakers, Trainers and Workshop Leaders.

As WendyY will tell you, I get pumped up about educating business owners about ecommerce solutions when it comes to full powered shopping cart solutions.

There is a huge segment of Small Business Owners who earn a living by simply working from home. However, due to limited education when it comes to Internet Marketing, the small business owner is sometimes hit with the most scams. Unscrupulous people prey on the small business owner who's just starting out. SBO's who so desperately want to sell their own products that sometimes they will invest in a fraudulent program or be convinced they need to spend hundreds of dollars each month on a shopping cart with lots of bells and whistles.

That's where I come in. More about Regina

Small businesses everywhere need to be smart with their money but also should know when to invest in a program that can grow with their business. Even if you have just one product to sell, invest in a shopping cart that offers:

* Secure ordering
* Multiple payment options
* Multiple product and pricing options
* Autoresponders
* Affiliate Program Software
* Tracking Solutions

Ever wondered what eCommerce is, how to set up an autoresponder, how shopping carts work, which affiliate software is most beneficial to you as a business owner or the most efficient way to test and track marketing campaigns?

Simply put, I’m what you call an “Ecommerce Solutions Advisor” a person who recommends, teaches, advises or otherwise helps people according to their ecommerce needs.  Get ready to get your questions answered!  I look forward to meeting you and serving your ecommerce solutions needs at Group Mastery.

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