December 7, 2009

Group Coaching Mastery Interactive TV

Coaches, Speakers and Other Training Professionals!! You're invited to join me for a virtual tour of my new Facebook application. We'll watch interactive videos, chat live and more! Join me on Tuesday, December 8th at 1 pm Eastern to join the fun. I'll see you there!

Login to Facebook and visit:

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May 23, 2009

Implementing New Marketing Systems with Less Overwhelm

Implementing a new business system can be a large task for any business owner. The experts say, "Set up a shopping cart and autoresponder, hook it up to your payment processor and you are off and running with an automated system that brings in more income."

Sounds great! So, you follow the experts' advice. You research different systems and ask several people for their recommendations. GREAT!! You're ready to get off and running!

What the expert didn't tell you is how much work is involved in getting that system set up in your business. If you're unfamiliar with the technology involved here, it can be a daunting task to just LOOK at an autoresponder system, not to mention the shopping cart. This is where overwhelm starts to set in.

So, you decide to delegate to your virtual team. Again, GREAT!! You can wait until they do their job and then you'll be off and running. Oops, not so fast. Before your virtual team can work the magic of setting up your system, testing and other technology tasks, there are many decisions that you have to make. YOU are the business owner and YOU need to decide what it will look like and how everything will fit together.

More decisions? More overwhelm! Before you throw in the towel altogether, here are three steps to help you set up a new system in your business with less overwhelm.

1) What do I want it to look like? First, get REALLY clear on how you want the finished system to look. What is the customer experience? Are there things you've experienced as the customer that you would prefer to avoid? What customizations do you want to see? Talk to a business coach about what's important to YOU as the business owner.

2) How much do I want to know? Next, get REALLY clear on how much of the system you want to know. Do you want to learn all the technical aspects? If not, then hand these over right from the start. Save yourself the time and stress of trying to wrap your head around the technology if that's not your strength.

3) What do I need to know? Find out what your options are and what information you need to set up this system. These are great questions to ask on your strategy call with your marketing team.

Once you have those answers you'll have a list of what needs to be done. Write it down, so you can delegate tasks as needed. You now know exactly what is involved and exactly how it will look in the end.

You also know what your responsibilities are and what others are responsible for.

Once all that is done, THEN you are off and running with a new income generating system. One that works the way YOU want it to.

Kristen Beireis Marketing Implementation Expert

Kristen Beireis Marketing Implementation Expert

Kristen Beireis is the Marketing Implementation Expert for Group Mastery.  She works with successful coaches who are so buried in marketing they are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.  Kristen and her team free coaches up to earn those hundreds of thousands of dollars without breaking a sweat.

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March 20, 2009

Group Mastery Experts Guarantee REAL Learning

I heard a definition of an expert several years ago that still has powerful meaning today: An expert is a person who applies the lessons learned from the many, many mistakes he/she has made in a particular area. In other words, through the process of trial and error, education, training, experience and more - an expert has achieved a certain level of mastery. I just love that!

The Group Mastery Experts are truly experts who have achieved mastery in focused areas of business.  Each of these outstanding professionals are well-equipped to lend their expertise to support our community of learners:

  • Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions (Shopping Cart, Online Marketing)
  • Leesa Barnes - Social Media Marketing
  • Kristen Beireis - Marketing Implementation
  • Lou Bortone - Online Video Production (DIY Tech Talk)
  • Shannon Cherry - Publicity/Media
  • Carol Deckert - Netweaving
  • Charly Leetham - Blog Customization (DIY Tech Talk)
  • Joselin Mane - Internet Strategy (DIY Tech Talk)
  • Allison Nazarian - Copywriting
  • Kathie Thomas - Blogging

Via the 90 Minute Mastery Webinar program, the monthly marketing mastermind calls, DIY Tech Talks, technology sessions, blog posts, TV and special community events, the Group Mastery Experts help our group coaches learn easy, fun and profitable ways to create, market and deliver a successful group coaching program.  Now, that's REAL learning!!

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