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April 4, 2012

Here's my #1 marketing tool!

http-image3One of the biggest challenges of marketing your programs and services is the behind-the-scenes sales, squeeze, landing and splash pages if you're a coach, trainer or consultant. Yes, it's great to have a team of qualified people working to help make it happen.

What do you do if you're doing it yourself?

You look for the hottest marketing tools to simply the process so you can be really productive.  You want your marketing tool to help you:

  • Design compelling sales campaigns to showcase your coaching program.
  • Easily attract ideal clients to your website with color and splash.
  • Incorporate videos to make your marketing campaigns rock.
  • Create highly attractive opt-in boxes.
  • Invite website visitors to spread your message via social media with just a few simple clicks.

After years of fighting with my website trying to make it look and feel pretty despite my limited web development skills, I've discovered THE tool that makes my marketing easy-peasy!

My #1 marketing tool is Optimize Press.

I share this tool with all of my clients and colleagues.  It makes marketing easy! I love being able to add built-in buttons and homemade videos to all of my sites.  Yep, it's so easy I've licensed it on all of my sales pages. That's just for starters!

I also love the 24 hour user-friendly membership area with comprehensive how-to videos and support. It's been a wonderful addition to my marketing toolbox and I had to share it.  The developers created this powerful tool to help you look like a real pro every single time.  How kewl is that?!

What's your number one marketing tool? Let's share the wealth!

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