August 7, 2011

Put Your Mind In Your Marketing

If you're stuck, stalled or just starting out, marketing is at the very heart of getting things going in your coaching business. Marketing is the lifeline of any business yet it's an area that feels daunting for most business owners. Coaches in particular are challenged by doing the marketing you believe it takes to grow. You believe marketing is hard and time consuming. You believe marketing takes so much energy and you just don't have it to give, right?

What if marketing was easier, took little time, gave you energy and you loved doing it?

mindsetIn order to embrace marketing with new appreciation, you must be open to changing your mindset about what marketing means to you.

You must be willing to experience marketing differently than you have before.

You must challenge yourself to behavior that facilitates the mindset change you desire.

I was browsing Facebook a few minutes ago and saw the headline on the cover of a magazine, "Put Me In the Game, Coach! I Want to Win!"  Your mind has to be in the marketing game for you to win clients and more business!

Imagine you're faced with your greatest marketing challenge, like writing copy, posting social media updates or follow-up calls. I have to admit I pause when it comes to follow-up calls, too. Then, I remember three very crucial things about marketing that help me put my mind in my marketing:

  1. Time is a precious and valuable gift so use it wisely.
    You choose how you spend and how it benefits you. You can't afford NOT to spend time marketing your coaching programs and services. Like the dentist telling a child reluctant about flossing his teeth: Only floss the ones you want to keep.  Choose to invest your time in marketing to build your business.
  2. Marketing is a conversation.
    I'm very social so whatever marketing-related action I'm taking, I shift my mind into a social mode. I love it when I do! I'm personable and professional. Most of time, clients on the receiving end are pleasantly surprised by the phone call from me. It's just not done in this day and age so I'm also standing out in the crowd by making the call.  Start the conversation and keep in going.
  3. I am always willing, ready and able to engage in marketing activities to grow my coaching business. It's a personal intention statement of mine. I'm sharing it because it empowers and encourages me. I hope it supports you, too. Intention statements give you power to change your mind. Live your intention out loud.

Your mind is composed of elements by which you feel, perceive, think, will, and especially reason. You can change your mind and ultimately your behavior.  Put your mind in your marketing and watch your marketing efforts flow. You'll see your business grow, too!

My Challenge:  What are you willing to do to put your mind in your marketing?

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August 14, 2011

Coach Donna L. Ward @ 6:43 pm

Thank you Wendy Y - You are really the best! What a grand inspiration you are!!
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