July 10, 2011

Are you really ready for the future of coaching?

crowded-coachingI don't mean to scare you but the face of coaching has changed drastically since I started coaching more than nine years ago. I've spent the last three weeks or so talking to coaches, doing research about coaching with the goal of understanding what's actually happening in the coaching industry today. I wanted to know how the future of coaching looks.

Overall, I'm delighted to say the future looks so bright for coaching, as coaches we can get ready to wear sunglasses. Of course, there are a few valuable discoveries you have to consider if you plan to be in the coaching industry in the future:

  • Marketing is significantly more important to having a thriving coaching business than ever. In this sluggish economy, it's become increasingly necessary to demonstrate the value of coaching and the return on the investment in coaching. (If you ever question the value of knowing how to market yourself as a coach, there it is!)
  • Technology has helped move coaching from local markets to a broader, more global reach. This is especially noteworthy because there are far more coaches in the industry - some highly qualified and others not so much. What this means for you as a coach is that you must place a greater emphasis on distinguishing yourself from the crowd. It's what I preach all of time — you MUST carve out a niche and it all begins with knowing your ideal client intimately well!
  • Certification and Training is a controversial issue in the coaching community. With the influx of people calling themselves coaches without benefit of training or certification, clients are interested in working with experts (despite what they call themselves) who can help them find and attract clients. As a coach, it's crucial to have the right mentor to lend her expertise to elevate your coaching abilities and strengths. You also want an expert who can teach you a repeatable process for creating sustainable income. Now, that's ROI!

I'm sharing more trends, myths and opportunities on a free call for coaches I'm calling, The Future of Coaching: Get Ahead of the Trends, Dispel the Myths and Guarantee Your Staying Power In Coaching.

Are you really ready for the future of coaching?

How do these insights resonate with your experience as a coach?

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July 12, 2011

Mitch Mitchell @ 12:23 am

I'll have to say that I'm not ready for the future overall, but when it comes to coaching or consulting I'm definitely ready. Technology aside, I've kept up with all sorts of information as it regards my industries so I'm ready to handle those things. Of course, being more proactive with technology might end up helping me later on, so I really need to get back into that mode, something I left a long time ago.
Mitch Mitchell´s last blog ..Mutually Beneficial Deals Aren't Always Thus My ComLuv Profile

Wendy Y. Bailey @ 1:04 am

Are you sure, Mitch? I've researched lots of information specific to coaching that I don't think any of us a truly ready for the future of coaching. I hope you'll check out my latest teleseminar so you'll see what I mean. Congratulations on staying on top of your industries! That's always a good thing. THANKS for your comment.

July 13, 2011

Coach Donna L. Ward @ 4:04 pm

You know I truly enjoy your information and I agree with the certification disagreement!

Once of my coaching clients wants to be a Christian Coach - she noted that I was certified and when right out to get herself certified. When I found this out, we visited and I told her about the disagreements on this within the coaching industry. Plus, she already had training/cert as a Lay Counselor - It was more a confidence builder for her and putting off getting going. Now, we are back to work on her business! :) Coach Donna L. Ward´s last blog ..Commitment to Business My ComLuv Profile

Wendy Y. Bailey @ 5:06 pm

As a coach, we're always in the business of educating our clients about coaching. It's definitely part of our ethical responsibility as coaches. How kewl is that?!

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