July 1, 2010

Why Coaches Should Write Article Series

writingHave you experienced that wonderful feeling of writing an article and getting great feedback on it from readers? Or how about a lot of wonderful comments on an article you may have written on a blog. There's nothing like feeling that you were able to reach someone, educate someone, or make someone laugh. Yet imagine that feeling multiplied by 10 - when you write an article series.

While many business owners write article series, the reason why coaches should write article series is a little "special". As coaches, we have to work much harder than the average business owner to stand out in a sea of competitors and marketing clutter. I don't know about you, but I don't have a huge marketing team behind me or my own publicist on retainer; but what we do have is a distinct coaching perspective and a unique voice. There is no better way to express that "voice" than by writing a series of articles that walks your prospects through a process, explains a concept, or discusses a hot topic in depth.

Then there's the added bonus that article series improves site stickiness, length of time on site, reader interest, and ultimately conversion. Some of my most loyal readers and active ones (those who comment, retweet, etc.) are people who have read my article series. It's really basic psychology if you think about it. Most people won't (or can't) stop reading until they know the ending of the story.

Now if this sounds like a lot of work and you are a little intimidated - don't be. Writing an article series is nothing more than writing one long article and cutting it up into chunks. So here's an example of what you could do…

1. Write an article explaining how to housebreak a puppy in 7 days (yeah right:).

2. There are a lot of steps to cover in this process, so you write a 1200 word article (which is much shorter than you think).

3. Break that article up into three 400 word articles. So basically articles covering step 1, step 2, step 3.

4. You write a small introductory article about housebreaking which can be about 250-300 words. Perhaps how you learned or why it's important.

5. You can also write a wrap-up or conclusion article too. This article can remind folks about the housebreaking steps and how to maintain good housebreaking habits — and can perhaps mention your "housebreaking bootcamp program" if they run into problems.

The intro and conclusion article will not contain any "new" information about the topic. Just introduce it and wrap things up. So those will be short and easy to write.

6. IMPORTANT - make sure to include links to the previous articles in the series at the bottom of articles. This will encourage more clicks and keep folks on the site and reading.

*Bonus Tip - You can create an article series from previously written articles. Just use a couple of related articles that you can bring together. Write a quick introductory article to give them a "series" feel and you're done.

Article Marketing Coach

Article Marketing Coach

Lisa Angelettie is a professional coach, published author, and article marketing expert. She's been using articles exclusively since 2003 to drive traffic to the websites of her clients as well as her own. Lisa is the Article Marketing Expert for Group Coaching Mastery. Stop by and read some of Lisa's free article marketing tips over at her site: Article Marketing Tips.

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July 2, 2010

Eric W Mulford @ 8:45 am

Writing is one of the major keys to success. The "publish or perish" quote from the academic world is more true in the our world than ever. Writing does three things for me; 1) It forces me to think thoroughly about the subject (how many articles can you create from one idea?). 2) It forces me to see from the readers perspective (essential if we are to coach effectively). 3) It creates a public image that is critical for me to grow my business (what better way to get my name into the hands of 1000's of readers).

LisaAngelettie @ 4:28 pm

Thanks for that insightful comment Eric. I really like how you said that writing forces you to think thoroughly about your topic. That is so true! That's why I believe once you've gotten a bit of writing on your topic under you belt, you truly to step into a place of authentic authority in your marketplace. You just feel it!
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Eric W Mulford @ 4:35 pm

Thanks Lisa, I thought carefully about that word "forces" but that really is what it does. We teach that all the time coaching someone else. When you put yourself in situations that stretch you to become something that you weren't when you started it is "forcing" you. I've actually come to the point were I just can't write enough. It really does deliver on everything it promises. You find yourself an authentic authority in your marketplace. There is nothing mightier than a keyboard.

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