June 4, 2010

Trust: The Heart of Connection and Business

The dictionary will tell you that trust is "Having faith in others and believing them."  What a  kewl definition!! It really speaks to why trust is at the heart of connection and, ultimately, what guides your coaching clients to do business with you.  Trust paves the way for you to co-create amazing transformation with clients.  When your clients trust you, opportunities for lasting change open up and the real work begins.

In today's economy, trust has become a real commodity.  According to a recent article posted on Microsoft, "You ought to focus on how you can demonstrate to customers that, no matter what goes on around the world, you, at least, can be trusted. Mind you, trust isn't something you can fake. You must sincerely mean what you say and do. But there's no reason to be shy about getting out the message."

Meet Trust Marketing Expert, Kristen Beireis

Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Kristen and her team of professionals support coaches and help them build trust through their communications.  We chuckle whenever we talk because I'm always learning about something new Kristen offers.  It's all about helping you as a coach build trust, credibility and visibility for your programs and services.  Imagine my delight when Kristen introduced one of her newest programs called the Marketing Kick Start Program.

This program is specifically designed for coaches who want personal marketing support and hand holding help with shopping cart,  autoresponders, website updates, blog posts, social networking, basic SEO, Google analytics, marketing campaign management and graphics editing and creation.     Kristen designed the program to offer immediate support to a limited number of individual coaching clients.  She "gets" coaches and knows exactly what we need to manage all of the moving parts.

This program is available for a limited time so be sure to click through and checkout the details ===>>>  MORE INFO

I'm so excited Kristen is Trust Marketing Expert for Group Coaching Mastery.  I really appreciate how she helps us coaches as the guiding force.  Trust is truly at the heart and connection of our coaching business.

THANKS Kristen for all you do!!  MWAH!

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Certified Group Coach

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Certified Group Coach

Wendy Y. Bailey is a Master Certified Group Coach, Certified Experienced Coach and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Affectionately called "WendyY" by her business associates, colleagues and friends, she's also the Creator and Founder of Group Coaching Mastery - Master Group Coaching with an NLP Twist. WendyY helps coaches, speakers and trainers learn to create, design, market, fill and deliver bestselling group coaching programs using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (persuasive marketing, language skills and influence strategies.) More about Group Coaching Mastery programs

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