March 28, 2010

Is a Shopping Cart Necessary for Coaches?

Shopping Cart PurchaseBefore the question of a shopping cart is answered it is important to define a shopping cart for better understanding. A shopping cart is something a consumer uses to purchase items. As in the offline world, one uses a shopping cart to gather their finds before checking out; the online world uses the same system. Imagine visiting a site that has a product that moves you to the point of purchasing, only to find out that you are unable to because the provider has neglected the most important part of the site other than products, the shopping cart.

Now, to answer the question if a shopping cart is necessary, the answer is a resounding yes. Any individual that has an online shop that promotes products or perhaps a coach that promotes services, or other tangible products, a shopping cart is completely necessary. Sure, the consumer may purchase your service by means of calling but the best way is to implement a shopping cart system. As a coach you may not have the time to answer every call to accept an order or purchase and the cart solves this issue. The cart can be programmed to accept credit cards or PayPal or other system with your products, services along with descriptions and fees that may be required.

An automated shopping cart makes it possible to purchase your product or coaching service any time of the day. With the online world, your site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and although you may not be available every hour of every day, the shopping cart will be. It makes complete sense to implement a shopping cart system to your program for ease of collecting funds as well as for the ease of the consumer.

There are different shopping cart systems available depending on the services and products you may be offering. Find the one that works best for you and implement the system onto your site today.

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Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker is the co-creator of Wahmcart and the Ecommerce Solutions Expert for Group Mastery.  She created Wahmcart as a full ecommerce software solution for work at home moms without the huge price tag. She's dedicated to educating the small business individual (sole proprietors) and companies with ecommerce solutions that will allow them to work smarter, not harder while at the same time providing an affordable solution that the “average” person can afford.   More about Wahmcart

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