January 12, 2010

Are You Digital Download Ready?

secure digital downloadIf you’ve purchased a report, audio or ebook, then you’ve experienced what a digital download is. The great thing about being a digital product owner is the fact you get to set your own price.

A digital download is a text, audio, or video file that buyers can download instantly onto their hard drive and access immediately. Instead of waiting until tomorrow afternoon to run to their favorite book store, they log in at 3 o’clock in the morning when they can’t sleep and download a book on the topic they want. Poof! Instant cash to your Paypal or other merchant account.

As a Coach, you can create eBooks, eReports, eCourses and Audios to compete with tangibles. You’ll charge a lot more, but you’ll be able to pay your affiliates a lot for their efforts, too.

If you’re not a writer and prefer a different type of product creation for your digital download, you can choose to create a series of MP3 files – audio tutorials that teach your topic to a paying audience. The public loves information they can digest on the go using their iPod or other electronic gadgets.

You can also use a tool like Camtasia and create video productions as your product creation tool of choice. Some people prefer to watch a lesson rather than read it. With both audio and video digital downloads, your price point can go beyond the borders of what text info products can pull in.

Once you’ve created your product of choice, you then create a secure download link for buyers to receive once they’ve purchased.

Digital Download Options

If you haven’t acquired a full feature secure shopping cart service, you can put the download on your domain, create a autoresponder message and attach the file to that message or you can manually send the document each time a customer purchases.

Digital Download BusinessAll of those things mentioned above are solutions, but not very good ‘secure’ solutions. Having a secure shopping cart service that offers a secured digital download feature, not only provides a seamless way of offering your products, it also enables you to capture the name and email addresses of your customers and immediately send them a receipt along with a thank you message.

Now you have a way of not only building a customer list, but also a way to communicate with them on a regular basis telling them about your new products, special sales or anything else you want to share with them.

You'll also find that when you use a secure shopping cart for your site, your customer's information will be protected as well. Shopping cart software will come with a security layer that allows your customer to feel protected when it comes to making sure that their purchases and their method of payment is intact. You'll never have to worry about the idea of your customers getting ripped off or hacked in this fashion. Their information is important to them, so it should be important to you too.

Contact me for a free 15 minute ecommerce solution consultation, I look forward to answering all of your questions.

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker is the co-creator of Wahmcart and the Ecommerce Solutions Expert for Group Mastery.  She created Wahmcart as a full ecommerce software solution for work at home moms without the huge price tag. She's dedicated to educating the small business individual (sole proprietors) and companies with ecommerce solutions that will allow them to work smarter, not harder while at the same time providing an affordable solution that the “average” person can afford.   More about Wahmcart

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