November 16, 2009

How To Create Group Coaching Bonuses Easily!

I was working with one of my retail clients who offers group coaching courses to new business owners, and she had spent so much of her time and mental energy creating the wonderful course for her group of entrepreneurs, that she really had no time to design and create her own bonus products as reward for opting in, then paying for the group early, and so on and so on. She really needed to know how to create group coaching bonuses for her course fast and painlessly, and she asked me if I would do it!

Needless to say my answer was a big fat "nope", and that's because I have a million other things on my plate in my own business to do — but what I did do was show her how to do it fast and easy using these little things that she already had laying around on her hard drive - articles!

When you need to create a high-quality bonus for your coaching clients, and you rather not use someone else's material for whatever reason (perhaps you want your bonuses to stay on topic with your course), a great way to create one is to bundle articles. Here's your quick recipe…

1. Look for articles that you have on a topic that would complement the rest of your course, not replace or repeat the content already in your course. Think of it as a section of your coaching program that you left out because there wasn't enough time to teach it, so you use it as a supplementary or "bonus" lesson.

2. If you do not have articles on these types of complementary topics, then carve out a little time on the weekend to write a few. You will need about 7 articles to make a high-quality and informative bonus.

3. You are going to create this bonus as you would any PDF information product, so make sure to create a title page, table of contents, bio page, and any other type of offer you want to include as back matter in this bonus PDF.

4. Each article will serve as a chapter in your bonus. That's why you need at least 7 articles to make it substantial. If the information is based on a really small niche where the information is really specific, then you can get away with 4-5 articles.

5. In order to make the articles not seem like individual articles, but as an entire seamless infoproduct, you will need to create an intro paragraph or page. This is an easy introduction to the topic, why you thought it was an important topic, what you will be teaching or explaining in the following chapters, how they can use this info in conjunction with what they learn in their coaching with you.

6. You do not have to re-write your articles. They serve as their own individual chapters. Just put them in an order that makes sense in your bonus.

7. To add even further value to the bonus, you can record yourself reading the bonus or discussing its contents with another person. You could also create a Powerpoint or Camtasia video of you again reading the article, but adding a few visual elements or by adding a totally separate video that complements the contents of your bonus. Either way, adding audio or video to this bonus will further increase it's perceived value to your clients.

8. You can create this bonus in Microsoft Word or a text editor first then convert it into a PDF. There are various programs other than Adobe Acrobat (which costs about $100) with which you can do this for a lower price or for free. Just do a Google search.

If you own a Mac, you can create PDFs in the software called "Pages". Just create the document in Pages and choose the share then export selections to convert into a PDF file.

9. Finally - hype it up! Make sure you promote your bonus for the high quality and information packed product that it is, and if you really want to get some folks off the fence and on to making a decision about your group coaching - then offer it as a time-sensitive bonus. Only 100 copies. Or only offer it for 7 days.

Whew, I just got myself excited, and I am off to making another little bonus goodie for some of my inner circle clients!

Lisa Angelettie

Lisa Angelettie - Article Marketing Expert

Lisa Angelettie is a professional coach, published author, and article marketing expert. She's been using articles exclusively since 2003 to drive traffic to the websites of her clients as well as her own.  Lisa is the Article Marketing Expert for Group Mastery.  Stop by and read some of Lisa's free article marketing tips over at her site:

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November 16, 2009

Mary Rettig @ 11:42 pm

That helped alot. Great post.
Mary Rettig´s last blog ..Welcome Reiki Professionals My ComLuv Profile

November 17, 2009

Lisa Angelettie @ 12:55 pm

So glad Mary…can't wait to see your next bonus!
Lisa Angelettie´s last blog ..How To Write Article Titles That Get Traffic – Pt. 4 My ComLuv Profile

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