October 22, 2009

Goals for 2009 - Did you make it? Part 2

Did you set goals for 2009? Where are you at? You have about 2 months left…

As a coach, we are familiar with helping our clients create goals. But what about us?

In this series of blog posts, I am including 3 popular goals that most coaches have created this year for themselves, along with some tips to help you achieve these goals before the year is up!

In Part 1, we talked about a 5 step system to funneling your social network into web site traffic. But how much time does it take?time-is-money

It's time to share some tips so you can social network in less than 15 minutes/day!

Goal #2: Spend less time social networking and more time making money!

In the first post in this series, I discussed the popular goal of turning your "friends" into revenue-generating traffic to your site. But so many people become consumed with the "fun" of social networking and then they get burned out.

Here are five tips to save tons of time on your social networking and avoid the burnout:

  1. Block out 15 minutes each day for this activity. Yes, it can really be accomplished effectively in 15 minutes when you are purposeful and strategic.
  2. Know what you are doing: posting on walls? Making new connections? Sending birthday wishes? This will help you target your time and not get distracted.
  3. Create a system for what to do and when: accept friend requests on Mondays & Thursdays, respond to messages on Tuesdays & Fridays, build new friends & post on walls on Wednesdays.
  4. Don't do it yourself! If you have a system, why can't your VA or even your teen help out?
  5. Turn your virtual friends into real friends! Pick up the phone at least twice each week to talk to some of your new friends. Build those relationships now before you need to sell something. Promotions will be much easier later on.

When you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, you can be very targeted in your activities, save tons of time and be effective!

Our next popular goal is about getting your "friends" & "fans" to build your visibility, promote your business and make you more money. Wouldn't that be nice? Stay tuned…

MaryPat Kavanagh, Group Mastery Social Media Relationships Expert

MaryPat Kavanagh, Group Mastery Social Media Relationships Expert

MaryPat Kavanagh is the Social Media Relationships Expert for Group Mastery and President & Owner of Strategic Results Marketing LLC. She credits her success in business to the many relationships she has developed over the years. To learn more about her and her relationship-building strategies, including social networking, connect with her on Facebook at http://Facebook.com/QueenofConnections or check out her blog at www.QueenofMarketing.com/blog

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