October 1, 2009

Coaches, Are You The General or The Soldier?


I have a question for Coaches, Trainers and Speakers - are you the ‘general of your army’ or are you a soldier?  I heard this phrase from Mark Hendricks from Internet Success Systems a while ago and it has stuck with me ever since.

Are you directing your business, looking strategically and planning (being the General) or are you stuck in the weeds and busy delivering the strategy (being a solider)?

When we offer Group Coaching to our clients, we are trying to leverage our knowledge and expertise - spend less time doing the same thing we would on a 1:1 basis, whilst delivering exceptional value to our mentees'.

All too often, we become the soldiers in our businesses, and stop acting like the general.

How often do you review the activities you are undertaking in your business and ensure that you are in fact the General, and not a soldier?

Have you even sat down and worked out the activities that you, as the strategy maker for your business, SHOULD be doing to achieve Group Mastery? Have you worked out what you like doing in relation to your business?

If you haven’t worked out what you should be doing and what you like doing – sit down now with a clean piece of paper and start writing. Create your lists and then use those lists for your planning.

Ask yourself if you need to be doing anyone of the following or whether it makes sense to outsource some of it:

  • Copy writing for Advertising
  • Article writing,
  • Website or blog development
  • Book keeping
  • Rostering
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Ordering

Depending on the business you’re in – this list will differ but the list above should get you going.

The next question to ask is – Is this really a good and solid use of my time – particularly for the tasks that you like to do?

I know there is a cost associated with getting others to help – but you really have to ask yourself – what is your time worth?

If you spend 7 hours working on your website (because you like doing it) but an expert could do the work in 1 hour – aren’t you better off taking that assistance? Think about the great Group Coaching content you can be creating for your clients in that  7 hours!

You may need to make some tough decisions for your business to be successful but it’s worth it in the long run.

The Group Mastery Experts that are part of this community are an excellent place to start if you are looking for assistance with specific parts of your business.

Share your thoughts on becoming the general in your Group Coaching business below.

Charly Leetham - Wordpress Optimization Expert & Small Business Coach

Charly Leetham - Wordpress Optimization Expert & Small Business Coach

Charly Leetham helps solopreneurs and small business get their business and online presence in order. She has many aspects to her business, including small business coaching, and her mission is to help people map their online presence to their business processes.  Learn more about Ask Charly Leetham

Charly is also the Co-ordinator of DIY Tech Talk, DIY resources for coaches, speakers and trainers.

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