August 24, 2009

Why Is Toilet Paper So Important?

Recently, I took some time and went to visit my Dad for the weekend.  In typical fashion, Dad treated Hubby and me to some really great meals while we were in town.  Sunday brunch was my favorite!  They had the best omelets, steak, fruit and pecan crusted french toast that just melted in my mouth.  It was a meal that lasted Hubby and me the entire 4 hour drive home and then some.  Delicious!!

From the moment I laid eyes on this restaurant, the simple and sleek black awning with the simple name of the restaurant "Vue," told me I was in for an upscale brunch (not like what I get at the local home cookin' restaurant).  The decor inside was simply stated decadence which translated to the food.  I got exactly what I was expecting once I walked in the door and had a look around.

toiletpaperOf course, I made a trip to the ladies room before the long drive home.  As expected the decor was just as simply stated and decadent as the rest of the restaurant.  I knew I was in a really nice place when even the toilet paper holder was something I would've expected in a nicely decorated colonial home.  It was comfy, not pretentious…just like everything else.  Then, I noticed that even the littlest details matched the rest of the place.  The toilet paper was soft.  It wasn't the typical sandpaper toilet paper you get in most restaurants.  Even the paper towels were in a nice plastic dispenser on the sink, instead of the ugly grey wall thing that you have to tug, pull, or wave your hand in front of.  All of this matched my first impression of the restaurant…simple and decadent.  My entire experience, from the moment I laid eyes on the restaurant, to the moment I left was consistent with my impression of the place.

So, you might be asking, what do toilet paper and delicious food have to do with marketing a coaching business or program?  The experience!  This restaurant put a lot of thought into the experience they wanted their diners to have.  Consider this in your coaching business.  A client who has one experience in your marketing and a completely different experience once they get on the phone with you is likely to go running the other direction.  However, a client who has their expectations met when they get on the phone with you, will be open to hearing what you have to offer and much  more likely to start working with you.

How can you create this consistent experience for your clients?  Be authentic in all your marketing.  How do you do that?

1)  Don't try to be the person (or say the things) you think your clients want you to be (say). Be yourself!  Who are you as a coach?  Are you a kick butt coach?  Then be kick butt in your marketing.  Are you a coach who is very attentive and blows your clients away with the slightest bit of intuition?  Then speak your intuition in your marketing.  Be the coach you are in all the marketing, networking, writing, web design etc…that you put out into the world.  THIS is what people will pay for.  It's what makes you unique and it will be much easier for you to create!!

2)  Choose marketing activities that you enjoy. This will allow you to be at your best, create your best material and express who you are easily.  Just because someone says a marketing activity is successful, doesn't mean you have to do it.  ALL marketing strategies ARE successful, for the people who thrive on doing that kind of activity.  If you LOVE speaking, then do more of that!  If you can't stand writing a newsletter, then don't!  There ARE other alternatives.  Go to any marketing teleclass, or read any marketing book and I'll bet you find loads of information on what strategies you could use.

3)  Run your business in the same way you coach. I can just see your face scrunching up and you giving that "huh?" look.  To use the kick butt coach example;  Run your business in that same kick-butt way.  What's a common theme with your clients?  Something you say over and over again?  Say that as you are doing your invoicing.  Say it as you create your programs.  Use it as your mantra when putting together new business processes. Does your welcome packet come from that mantra place?  Is your scheduling process coming from there?

Everywhere your clients can interact with your company, is an opportunity to have them experience what coaching will bring for them and what it's like to work with you.  Consistency breeds trust and your clients must trust you before they are going to be willing to pay for your services.

Kristen Beireis Marketing Implementation Expert

Kristen Beireis Marketing Implementation Expert

Kristen Beireis is the Marketing Implementation Expert for Group Mastery.  She works with successful coaches who are so buried in marketing they are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.  Kristen and her team free coaches up to earn those hundreds of thousands of dollars without breaking a sweat.

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August 24, 2009

Melissa Moore @ 11:16 am

Thanks Wendy. I love the toilet paper analogy. Should I take it your approach is simple and decadent?

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