July 23, 2009

4 Tips for Increasing Order Size

increase-salesWhile it may be more of a challenge to convert new prospects in today’s tight economic times, you can still boost your bottom line by capitalizing on your existing customers.

Below are some easy and cost-efficient strategies for raising the average value of your orders:

  1. Use cross-sells wisely. Whenever possible, make recommendations based on what your customer has added to the shopping cart, a proven way to capture impulse sales. Low to moderate price points typically work best, although the most important factor is relevance. For instance, if your customer purchases an outdoor teak furniture set, you might suggest teak wood cleaner, outdoor cushions, and a patio umbrella. Ideally, cross-sells should be dynamically presented based on a combination of the customer’s ordering history, the product’s relevance to what’s in the cart, and the product’s popularity.
  2. Offer gift sets. By packaging together several complementary items—for example, two DVDs, some gourmet popcorn, a bottle of wine, and a cozy blanket—you’ll provide customers with a handsomely packaged gift set. When strategically bundled, everyday items suddenly become deluxe and giftable indulgences.
  3. Highlight discounts. Now more than ever, consumers are on the hunt for bargains. Emphasize price reductions at every step along the shopping process: category pages, product pages, and also on the shopping cart. When customers are reminded of discounts throughout checkout, they’ll be more likely to act on cross-sell merchandising.
  4. Give service a boost. In addition to encouraging customers to add more items to their shopping carts, another effective strategy for increasing average order size is offering ancillary services like extended warranties, white-glove delivery, and follow-up support. While these types of services won’t apply to all items, they can be a source of lucrative source of revenue for larger appliances, electronics, and PCs.

By supplementing your shopping cart with these customer-focused strategies, you can cater to your existing clientele and help increase your average order size, offsetting the economic struggles many ecommerce stores are facing.

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker - Ecommerce Solutions Expert

Regina Baker is the co-creator of Wahmcart and the Ecommerce Solutions Expert for Group Mastery.  She created Wahmcart as a full ecommerce software solution for work at home moms without the huge price tag. She's dedicated to educating the small business individual (sole proprietors) and companies with ecommerce solutions that will allow them to work smarter, not harder while at the same time providing an affordable solution that the “average” person can afford.   More about Wahmcart

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