July 16, 2009

Setting Realistic Writing Goals

I have a bad habit of setting totally unrealistic goals for almost everything in my life. I forget that I have three children, a husband, a mom with dementia, an elderly dog and a zillion other things to do!

I usually never have ALL of the time to I think I have to devote to a particular project. But writing is important to me. It is my business. It is my passion. It is what works! So I have to commit a certain amount of time to it. And so should you.

So how should you achieve this? Well you really need to set realistic writing goals. Because when you do that, you will end:

1. writing frustration

2. incomplete writing

3. poor quality writing

Here is an idea of how I like to set realistic writing goals for myself…

1. I bought a kitchen timer (a pyrex one to be exact) from the supermarket

2. I decide on what I'm working on. An article. A chapter in my book. An infoproduct section. Whatever.

3. Based on the task, I allot a certain amount of time for it. Thirty minutes for articles. Sixty minutes for products and book chapters. (This is all rough draft work of course)

4. I check the timer once. When I'm at 10 minutes before time is up - I start wrapping things up. And that could mean finishing a paragraph or even just finishing a sentence. It doesn't matter. You don't have to complete the entire task.

5. When the timer goes off - I respect it and stop what I'm doing. I go onto my next task to accomplish for the day whether that is another writing assignment or whether that is marketing or some other part of my business. If I have some time leftover of my "work day", I will devote it to finishing the writing project I started earlier. Otherwise - I will just pick up where I left off the following day.

Quick Tip: Write the same time everyday. Waiting to write when inspiration hits - may mean you won't write until next year:-)

Lisa Angelettie, Article Marketing Expert

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