June 15, 2009

Accelerate Your Sales Process With Video!

In these turbulent and unpredictable times, you need every competitive advantage you can get to stay ahead.  One powerful and low-cost tool is Online Video.  Video has a small learning curve, but can create big results.  In fact, video can become your secret weapon in the battle to buck the recession.

Using video to build your brand and promote your business – whether on the now ubiquitous YouTube or on your own website – actually attracts new customers and accelerates the sales process.  There are many compelling arguments for adding video to your marketing mix, but none more important than the simple fact that video brings you closer to your customers and closer to the sale!

When you share a video with your potential client, you instantly increase your “know, like and trust” factor.  Projecting your personality and authenticity can take months or years with text or email, but video is immediate and personal.  Your prospects can see and hear the real you and, the sooner they feel they know you, the sooner they’ll buy from you!

Video creates an immediate connection with your customer far more effectively than print alone.  Whether you use a webcam or the oh-so-simple Flip Video camera, by sharing your video message online you are creating an engaging presence that will resonate with the people you’re meant to serve.

Even better is the potential for your video to “go viral,” and have your message spread like wildfire.  However, there’s no viral without the video – so tape your message and get it uploaded to YouTube and/or some of the other popular video hosting sites like Viddler, Vimeo or Blip.tv.  You can use TubeMogul.com to blast your video to many sites at once.  Best of all, all of the video hosting sites are free to use.

The video process is easier than you might imagine. There’s really no need for a big Hollywood production – Just keep it simple and be yourself.  Follow YouTube’s easy upload instructions, and you’ll have your video posted online in no time!  From there, you can easily share and spread your video to Facebook, MySpace and other sites with one click.

These are just a few of the ways Online Video can help your business in unpredictable times.  Start using video and you’ll see both your visibility and credibility increase fast.  The cost for all this exposure is very reasonable: $50 to $100 for a webcam or under $200 for the popular Flip camera.  Start using video as your secret weapon to reject the recession and keep your business buzzing.

Lou Bortone is a long-time marketing and branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs build breakthrough brands on the Internet, with services such as online video production, video branding, coaching and creative support.  Lou is a former television executive who worked for E! Entertainment Television and later served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising for Fox Family Worldwide, a division of Fox in Los Angeles.  Lou is an author and ghostwriter of six business books, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach. Visit Lou’s website at http://www.OnlineVideoBranding.com.

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