June 8, 2009

Are you making any of these mistakes when writing your press release?

Press releases are a great tool to attract more clients and get more sales, by using it both online and traditionally to media outlets.

Yet, many group coaches, speakers, consultants and other small business owners find it frustrating when results are lack luster. It often boils down to a few, but important, issues that can make a press release turn sour.

Take a look and see if you've made one of these errors:

1) Grammatical faux-pas: We all make mistakes, but it is highly important that you proofread your release several times prior to submission. A badly written press release can receive lots of views, but very few will use the release because it takes too much work to correct it.

2) Content: A good press release always has some form of content. Ensure that when you write your release that you excite the user and deliver exactly as promised in regards to the content. Do not have a title that misrepresents what you are offering in the body of the press release.

3) Advertising: As mentioned prior, always stay away from seeming like a commercial. A press release is a news related item. Do not try to pitch sales within the press release; always present the information as news related.

4) Exaggerated Comments: Stay away from hyping your news release with comments that seem far from the truth. Your press release must sound believable or it will be ignored. Do not fill your press release with hype and exaggerated statements that cannot be backed up.

5) Email: Never include an email address that you treasure and consider personal. Every press release can be made public; therefore if you post your email address within the press release you are subjecting yourself to the ever unfortunate spam offers.

6) Website: Some users actually forget to include a link to their website in their press release. Always include your website link, as more than likely it's what you are trying to promote. As a matter of fact, even when mentioning your business name in the release, consider using its domain name instead of its corporate name for more traction.

Shannon Cherry, Publicity Expert for Group Mastery

Shannon Cherry Media and Publicity Expert


Shannon Cherry is the publicity/media expert for Group Mastery, and the founder of Be Heard Solutions. Known as The Power Publicist, she helps coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and solo professionals attract more clients and customers through the power of publicity.

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