May 26, 2009

Sharing Content So Your Learners Soak It All In

I visited my mom some time ago and spent a day with her. My cousin came over to visit with her 15-month old daughter. First of all, let me just say - the little girl is just absolutely gorgeous. You know, all 15-month olds are gorgeous anyway. But the thing that I noticed about her as she was running around and, experiencing everything - she was soaking it all in.

jumping-joy1She loved the fact that her shoes made a sound on my mom’s hardwood floors. She was fascinated by that. She was fascinated too by the difference between the kitchen floor and the floor in the den area. It's almost like a little step up, so she kept running up and back down the step. She seemed delightfully intrigued by this difference between the sounds her baby sneakers made on the kitchen tile versus the hardwood floor.

I started clapping my hands and sensed her reaction immediately.  She saw the movement. She heard the claps. She thought, “Wow! It is time for me to move.” And she started moving, dancing, bending her knees, raising her hands. Then I put on music, and boy she just grinned and oh, she just had such a ball with it all.

The learners in our group coaching programs are very much the same way.

They’re waiting on us to invite them into a sensory learning experience that inspires them to absorb our content.

Share your content so your learners soak it all in, using:

  • Pictures, diagrams, charts and maps
    If you're delivering virtual groups, help your learners using your carefully crafted instructions to guide them.  It's actually fun because a few of your learners may be artistically challenged.  It's an individual experience and important for each learner to absorb it in their own way.
  • Sound and music
    Clickers, clappers, melodies and voice are all powerful instruments to help magnify your points. I actually used the sound of the Staples Easy Button to anchor a concept in one of my sessions.  Remember, you're creating a unique memory your learners will always remember.
  • Metaphors and stories
    Paint a picture of your content with delightful and appropriate metaphors.  Share heartwarming stories of life and business to illustrate your points.  You'll find your learners are inspired and motivated by their learning.

This was a fun post for me to write so you'll see more on this topic.  Leave me a comment and let me know how you help your learners to soak it all in.

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May 26, 2009

Inez Bracy @ 9:56 am

Love the way you bring it all together!

The concept that we can use sensory language and activities in coaching helps the coach and the learner 'get it'.

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