January 7, 2009

Blogging and Group Coaching Work Hand in Hand

Wouldn't you like to know how blogging and group coaching work hand in hand?

I read an amazing post about blogging by new media expert and well-known blogger, Chris Brogan.  I've been actively blogging less than a year so I'm kinda new to blogging.  The post made me think about how blogging can be leveraged as a key element of bringing your group coaching program to life.  Blogging gives you a great forum for potential clients to experience your style.  You also get to share glimpses into your group coaching program so people gain a sense of your knowledge and expertise.  How kewl is that?!

Read this excerpt from Chris' blog post so you can learn the a few new blogging secrets too:

"Starter Moves

  1. An intriguing title goes a long way towards getting people to the blog. Failing that, posts with numbers seem to work. Especially weird or odd numbers. 27 is odd.
  2. A picture per blog post has been my trick for a while. It draws your eye, whether or not you want it to. We’re wired for it. I use Flickr Creative Commons photos to do that. (Make sure you give them adequate credit. I show that in this post, too.)
  3. Did you ever notice most of my posts open by asking a question? That’s a secret. When I do that, you stop and think about the question. But more importantly, it shifts your mind to the “what’s in it for me” sphere that you started reading from in the first place. Make sense?
  4. Break things up visually. Notice that I have an H3 tag (html speak) title repeating the top title, and that I’m using a list to give your eye some natural “chunking.” Go back and read cafe-shaped conversations for an example.
  5. Oh, maybe I should’ve started the post by saying that it helps if you write something useful for people. People want posts they can use to improve themselves or their business." Read the whole post

Chris goes on to say brevity rules!  He always provides lots of really great content and wise advice. Every blogger has something that makes them unique in the way they approach blogging.  What your biggest blogging secret and why? How are you using this secret hand in hand with your group coaching program?

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January 7, 2009

Dee Stewart @ 12:51 pm

My biggest blogging secret is having a mindset that blogging is 1 component of my 6pt information exchange system, whereby I blog, then cross promote via my SMS(social media services,) ask for more discussion in my forum and on forums I belong, ask my friend readers to bookmark the post and keep the convo going, further discuss via podcasting, then produce an article for print publications.

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